Take Your Cat Eye Game to The Next Level with the Bat Wing


Now that you’ve mastered classic winged eyeliner (aka cat eye), it’s time to take it up a notch with the bat wing! The name may sound goth or like something you’d do only for a Halloween costume, but the bat wing is a bold yet truly classy look. It’s similar to a cat eye, but the end of the wing goes further up to the brow bone, and is noticeably heavier, with a distinct shape, resembling—you guessed it—a bat’s wing. Try it on a special night out when you feel like adding that extra wow factor, or basically any time you want to summon an air of retro-glam sophistication a la Dita Von Teese. Follow along: all you need is your favorite gel or liquid liner and a makeup brush.

Supplies list

1: Start with a clean lid, then dip your brush in the eyeliner. Find your brow bone, and draw a line, right under it, following its natural curve, to the outer corner of your eye, as pictured.

2: Hugging the lash line, starting about midway across the eye, draw a diagonal line connecting to the end of the one you drew in step 1 to create a point. This starts off your “bat wing” shape. 

3: Then draw a line from the open end of the line you made in step 1 down and across the lashline (as pictured) all the way to the inner corner. Then fill in the shape, so it’s solid black.

4: Repeat on your other eye, and you’re done!

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