Would You Wear See-Through Nails?


Totally clear nails. Would you boast this barely there look? We’re not talking natural nails. What we mean are fully transparent falsies: see-through, sharp, noticeable. This glassy look has been popular in Japan, where you can find clear claws inches long. Sometimes you may spot these clear manicures decorated with stones, but most often they’re left totally unadorned. Next to the glittery, decaled, and hand painted looks that are so popular today, the look is understated and modern.

In the past, clear nails have popped up on the catwalk. Let’s talk Prada 2009. Models walked down the runway with long, square, transparent toenails peeking out from their sandals. But even though Miuccia is a genius, the clear pedi never really caught on. Four years later (an eon in fashion), maybe it’s time to go glassy.

It’s a simple look to achieve at a salon—a set of clear tips and a coat of UV gel, and you’re done. It takes less time than even the simplest paint job, making transparent nails minimalist in more ways than one.

We’ve put in our two cents, but what do you think? Do transparent nails seem modern and clean? Or does the idea leave you drawing a blank? Comment below!