Benefit Cosmetics: The POREfessional


With so many primers out on the market, it’s hard to find a great one that creates the perfect canvas on your face. Benefit Cosmetics' The POREfessional claims to minimize pore size and flatter every skin tone. What’s our verdict? It’s a solid silicone primer.

It claims to apply invisible on all skin tones, and it’s true! I tried this out on my (pale) self and my darker toned friend, and it blended invisibly on both of us! No ashy streaks!

Benefit always packages their makeup in retro-modern style, and this doesn’t disappoint. The aqua squeeze tube has a vintage look to it, and the matte/velvet finish of the packaging material itself feels comfortable in my hands to use.

The texture is velvety soft...not greasy. After rubbing it on my skin, I don’t feel oily at all. The first two ingredients are silicone which explains the velvet finish--if you are allergic to silicone this is not the product for you. The scent of the product reminds me of a pleasant and faint fruit floral, something you’d smell on your grandmother’s vanity.

Before applying my tinted moisturizer, I put the primer on one half of my face to see the difference. After applying foundation to my full face, I noticed that the primed side looked and felt smooth, and stayed that way. The difference wasn’t a huge enough difference for me to wear a primer every day though (sometimes I’m just too lazy to add another step in my makeup routine). That said, if you’re looking for a primer to increase wearability and durability, this is a great find.

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