Obsessed: A Must-Try Brightening Eye Mask


If you’ve been scoping the shelves of department stores and beauty meccas recently, you’re probably aware of GlamGlow. The Hollywood-based company has become quite the it brand, with a range of super-potent, highly effective, facials-in-a-jar. The whole line is vegan and cruelty-free, which makes it even more obsession-worthy. And obsessed we have become, first with the face masks, and now with the recently launched Brightmud Eye Treatment.

The treatments come in futuristic single-use pods, though depending on how liberal you are with the product, there’s enough in a single pod to do both eyes. And because the 12-treatment box is a tad spendy at $69, we say why not stretch your investment?

To apply, scoop out the jelly-like substance and tap it into your under eye and orbital bone area. Just be sure to steer clear of the mucous membranes that line the eyes. You may feel a slight tingle (that’s how you know it’s working!) from ingredients like peppermint, which help to cool, soothe, and de-puff. Leave on for no more than three minutes, then gently wipe off with a dry tissue without rinsing—the ingredients will continue to benefit you after the top layer has been wiped away.

The skin around your eyes will look brighter and fine lines and dark circles less noticeable. But the biggest result I saw right away? My under eye bags were virtually gone, (seriously!) which makes it the perfect morning-after secret weapon. The formula includes Juvelane, GlamGlow’s retinol-like plumping ingredient and 14% of Nitroffeine, a blend of caffeine actives that stimulate natural drainage of the lymph to combat dark circles and puffiness. It’s like an instant kick in the pants (err, eyes). Just try feeling sleepy after this treatment!  

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