Loathe or Love: Glitzy Lips


With nail decals like Minx so popular, it was only a matter of time before lips got the spotlight. And with "lip tattoos" like Violent Lips already rising to popularity, it was time to step up the bling. Athena Elliott from Minx Houston decided that you could have the same shine and texture of Minx—on your lips! The result was GlitzyLips, a lip decal made from water soluble foil that gives lips an incredibly lustrous effect.

Start by slathering a coat of the white glue-like substance included (and don't lick or touch your lips, even if you liked to eat paste as a kid). Wait until the glue becomes clear, then cut a strip of foil as wide as your lips from the roll. Press onto top or bottom lips like a wax strip (color side out). When you feel a firm hold, lift away the strip and you'll be left with a foiled pout. Repeat steps for your other lip. Don't get discouraged if this takes a few tries, it took us three to get something semi-decent. GlitzyLips come in several shiny shades, from vivid blue to rainbow metallics—in case you're wondering, we're wearing PinkRosa, a luscious bubblegum pink. Overall, these are a fun makeup accessory for a summer festival, but we're not fans of repeated use—the scent of the glue leaves a lot to be desired. But don't worry, with a swipe of a baby wipe, you'll get your normal lips back in no time.

Are GlitzyLips just another passé trend or does this foil deserve a permanent place in your "for fun" makeup stash?

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