Prom Beauty: Makeover Etiquette


It's black-tie season for the teen scene and you're about to head over to your local counter for a new Prom look--do you know proper makeover etiquette? Keep reading for Beautylish tips to get the most of out of your prom makeover!

HOW TOGet An Amazing Prom Makeover

  1. Do Your Homework Not every makeup counter is created equal. Look at every makeup line and see what the artists are wearing--does their look match your style? It's important to choose a counter whose makeup philosophy you gel with. For you natural ladies, Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier are your best bet. For more experimental beauties, get your color on at MAC and Make Up For Ever. Finally, for a sophisticated makeover, check out Chanel or Dior.

  2. Consult Before The Counter We can't stress this enough: if you're getting your prom makeup done the day of, you must go in for a consultation at least a week before the big day. You need to test out the actual products and make sure your skin doesn't react from any ingredients in the makeup. Prepare ahead--who wants to risk breakouts or a total makeup meltdown on prom day?

  3. Bring Fabric Swatches It's helpful to bring in fabric swatches when designing a prom makeup look at the counter. Makeup Artists can accurately choose colors and themes to match your prom style. It's not possible to bring an exact swatch most of the time, but go for similar colors and textures so the makeup artist has a general idea of the color palette he or she is working with.

  4. Style Hair Similarly Go in for your consultation or makeover wearing a similar hairstyle to what you plan to wear on prom night. If you're styling an elegant updo on the big day, slick back hair to test the overall balance of makeup and hair.

  5. Try Multiple Looks Since there are infinite ways to apply makeup, your creativity can shine! Have fun at the makeup counter and play with different styles--try both a dramatic eye or lip and see what works with your overall prom style.

  6. Test Photography & Lighting Prom is a highly photographed event--your makeup needs to look perfect off and on camera! Cameras can bring out the worst in makeup that we don't see in real life--hello raccoon eyes and ghost face! Bring a simple point-and-shoot camera to the counter and test indoor/outdoor lighting with flash and natural light.

  7. Know The Counter Guidelines Most counters require a minimum purchase of product for a consultation or makeover. Call the counter ahead and plan accordingly. If you need to need to buy something, purchase important prom touch-up products like powder, lipstick, or gloss.

  8. Get the Face Chart After your consultation, have your makeup artist draw you a face chart showing products and application. You can study the diagram at home (and practice) for DIY prom makeup!

  9. Put Your Makeup To The Test After you have your first consultation, don't wash your makeup off to test wearability and durability all day. You don't want to risk mascara smears and smudgy eyeliner on the dance floor!

  10. Stay True To Yourself Prom makeup should more playful and dramatic, not unbearable. if you don't feel comfortable sporting high-voltage lips or glittering false lashes, communicate with your makeup artist and collaborate on a look that you both agree on. It's great to push the beauty boundaries, but remember to stay true to your personal style.

Beautylish Tip: If you want to re-create your own prom makeup look at home, bring in your makeup kit and brushes and have the makeup artist teach you how to get flawless from your own personal stash!

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