Meet Sisley-Paris' Artist in Residence: Robin Black

Image courtesy of Sisley-Paris

Sisley-Paris has a storied history as one of the beauty industry’s most visionary brands. Whether you swear by the Nutritive Lip Balm or can’t leave the house without a spritz of L’Eau Rêvée d’Alma, the French company is world renowned for its cutting-edge lineup of high-quality makeup and skincare.

In 1976, husband and wife team Hubert and Isabelle d’Ornano launched Sisley-Paris. Today, the company continues as a family endeavor. Innovation remains at the brand’s core with artistic inspiration found throughout the makeup community.

That’s why Sisley-Paris began its Artist in Residence program in 2021.

“As well known art-lovers, the members of the d’Ornano family have their hearts set on popularizing many types of artistic savoir-faire, and it includes the ever-evolving art of makeup,” said Andy Sween, Sisley-Paris' Global Content Strategist. “These residencies serve as a platform to learn and find inspiration, celebrating innovative voices.”

Each year, Sisley-Paris selects a makeup artist that presents a distinct perspective and approach to beauty. The brand highlights the Artist in Residence’s vision by allowing them to curate makeup looks, share expert advice, and spark beauty inspiration through content published to Sisley’s website and social platforms.

“Sisley supports the artist’s vision and ideas from conception through to creation,” described Sween. “The residency’s fresh beauty inspirations bring you behind their looks and inside their expert toolkit.”

Robin Black | Image courtesy of Sisley-Paris

Makeup artist and photographer Robin Black is the latest Artist in Residence.

“I was absolutely thrilled when Sisley-Paris offered me the opportunity to become their Artist in Residence! It feels very organic and authentic to partner with a brand that I have had a strong relationship with for almost a decade,” said Robin Black.

“I am a huge fan of their products in both my personal life (I wear the Phyto-Lip Twist Matte #18 in Tango so consistently that it has become a signature) and in my professional kit.”

Robin is the creator of Beauty Is Boring, which started as an accidental blog and now is a space for content creation on Instagram.

“I had just moved to LA and was finding the switch from editorial and runway work to celebrity work uninspiring. This was around 2012, so red carpet beauty was not very adventurous,” explained Black. “I began inviting models and friends over to my house, painting their faces and snapping Big Shot Polaroids (a vintage format) of the looks against my kitchen wall.”

Image courtesy of Sisley-Paris

Multiple agents of the high-profile models began requesting download links of Robin’s polaroids.

“To make things simpler, I decided to create a download site where they could do it themselves. I needed a name to set it up, so without any real thought (and some lighthearted sarcasm), I registered ‘Beauty Is Boring,’” she recalled.

“The original page was a simple feed of Polaroid scans with the model’s names, a list of products used, and occasionally a few artist notes. Six months later, I started winning ‘Best Beauty Blog’ awards and became syndicated by the original”

Although the blog no longer exists, Beauty is Boring deepened Robin’s passion for photography and ultimately evolved her career as an artist.

Robin’s creativity has landed her backstage at fashion shows crafting looks for major names, including Diane Von Furstenberg, Mugler, and Gucci to name a few. She’s also worked with A-listers (Selena Gomez, Cindy Crawford, Eva Mendez, Jessica Chastain), gaining attention from multiple magazines.

Image courtesy of Sisley-Paris

Today, as Artist in Residence, Robin has the opportunity to share her beauty journey and expertise through specialized content. On the Sisley-Paris website, you’ll find Robin’s masterclass for achieving a healthy glow, tutorials for three of her signature makeup looks, and exclusive advice.

“Robin Black has been a constant source of inspiration for many with her unique approach to beauty: she has a very relaxed relationship with makeup and she exhorts us to have fun with colors, textures, and finishes to express our uniqueness,” said Sween.

When it comes to crafting a look, Robin’s number one rule is that beauty should be rule-free.

“Don’t overthink it! Experiment, explore, have fun, grow your skills, and paint every face you can,” said Black.

Get more beauty tips and see the 3 looks Robin created for the Artist in Residence program here.