Beautylish's Beauty Icons


Everyone has an icon. Someone they look to for inspiration in style and beauty. Whether alive or dead, famous or not, this person represents everything you'd like to be—whether she’s elegant like Grace Kelly, graceful like Audrey Hepburn, or vivacious like Marilyn Monroe. The team at Beautylish is constantly influenced by pop culture, magazines, music, the Internet, and other Beauties, but these are the women who remain icons to them.

Grace Kelly

“I love Grace Kelly. She reminds me of elegance and simplicity," says Wafi. Christina agrees: "She's such a timeless beauty, and her look can fall into any time frame. And who doesn't love a princess?"

Audrey Hepburn

“Audrey is the epitome of quiet grace and elegance," says Tara. "Her simplicity and low-maintenance beauty make her even more beautiful, and she's petite—like me!"

Kate Winslet

"I love Kate Winslet because her face is beyond stunning and she can rock any look with class and grace," says Victoria.

Billie Holiday & Pam Grier

"How can you decide on just one?" asks Dre. "I'd have to say a cross between young Billie Holiday and Pam Grier in her heyday. Billie as a young up-and-coming jazz singer was ladylike and elegant with a bit of an edge. I love her classic style and simplicity, and that she was a symbol of beauty who had real curves. Pam Grier was confident, super sexy yet classy, and above all tough and stylish.”

Drew Barrymore

"My beauty icon is Drew Barrymore," says Jasmine. "She is so spunky, feminine, and sexy without overdoing her looks. She's not afraid to take the plunge and try new things, and she always sticks to what looks best on her as opposed to what's currently trending."

Elizabeth Taylor & Kate Moss

"Elizabeth Taylor and Kate Moss are my beauty icons," says Ning. "Pre-Burton Elizabeth is just the ultimate in glamour for me. And Kate's sense of style is truly inspirational—I love how she mixes new fashions with classic pieces from her closet, such as her goes-with-everything leopard coat. She's not the most beautiful model in the world, but she has my dream hair."

Halle Berry

"Not only is Halle Berry flawless, ageless, and effortlessly beautiful, but she has one of the most iconic haircuts of all time," says Cinya. "Whether her locks are at her signature pixie length or long and loose, her makeup is always natural, glowing, and fresh."