Festive Christmas Hairstyles!


Didn't get to attend a hilarious ugly sweater party this year? Here's a dose of holiday giggles! To spread some cheer and laughter this December 25, we've rounded up a few of our favorite zany holiday hairstyles for your enjoyment. 


Marge Simpson would be proud! These Christmas tree styles give new meaning to the term big hair. The over-sized accessories were even adorned with the traditional star on top.

images courtesy of princesspiggies.blogspot.comRING AROUND RUDOLPH 

Doors aren't the only place to hang a wreath! Interweaving ribbon and mini flowers into rolled up tresses can have the same effect. And re-creating a crafty Rudolph is simple too: all you need is a red cotton ball, two googly eyes and a reindeer headband.


Cindy Lou Who's adorable spirit may have melted the Grinch's heart, but her hair stole the show. The beloved Dr. Seuss character took sky-high 'dos to new heights.