The New Animal Inspiration


Creatures from the wild have always been a source of creative inspiration, but we’re tired of seeing just leopard and cheetah spots! Today marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year, and 2012 belongs to the dragon. While this mythical beast is awe-inspiring, real animals can be just as inspirational. Gorgeous hues and textures are slithering in swamps, scuttling under the sea, and striding across the Safari. Check out the inventive new ways Beauties are emulating the animal kingdom.

Are you ready for a wetter, warmer climate? Beautiful and unusual critters creep and crawl through the layers of humid rain forests. Anita B.’s reptilian eyes (right) smolder and seethe like a serpent, while Joanna F.’s multi-hued eye (left) looks like an adorable—yet deadly—miniature tree frog! As for the complexion chameleons, Alyssa S.’s violet crackle nails (center) remind us of the namesake lizard!

There’s a magnificent world thriving underneath the surface of the sea. Aquatic life boasts chroma-bright colors and iridescent textures suspended in a vast blue haze. Replicate intricate fish scale patterns on your nails like Maryam M. (left), or go bolder and more graphic with tropical shades like Simera H.’s blue tang fish eyes (right). For a cute and painterly nod to the cutest creature under the sea, stamp a turtle on each fingertip like Nicole M. (center)!

Reinvent Safari style with new color variations and finishes! For a unique take on zebra nails, Naxy B. pairs creamy nude with a sky blue polish (center) and Amanda S. jazzes up her black and white pattern with crystalline diamonds (left). For her additional design, Naxy channels the eye of the tiger with an eye-opening feline accent on her thumb (right).

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