Halloween Makeup Inspiration


With Halloween fast approaching, you’ll want to make sure that you look your best on the festive holiday! Everyone is dressed to impress on the one day of the year when you have a fun excuse to be whoever you want to be and you don’t want to be... the only person without a costume. There are many places to find inspiration, whether it comes from history, pop culture, or movies. 


Last year we saw abundance of blue-faced Avatar characters roaming the streets pretending to be able to fly on the backs of animals. Other movies, like Alice in Wonderland, have characters with detailed lines and interesting color combinations. What looks from movies this year would you like to re-create?


The natural environment around us has beautiful geometric shapes and an array of vibrant colors that can express your creativity. Flowers, animals, and insects, among many other things, can help you think about what your costume is going to be this year.

Pop Culture

Celebrities like Lady Gaga cause a fashion frenzy and are fun to mimic. Try looking through magazines for photos of pop culture icons you’d like to be, if only for a day. 


The age-old Halloween tradition of blood and guts can be the easiest route to a great costume. Check out the abundance of horror movies and makeup tutorials to scare up some frightening effects!  


The pages of history are a great place to find inspiration for a costume. Feel as if you've stepped back in time by dressing up as a flapper girl from the roaring '20s or a big-haired rocker from the '80s.