Polishing Your Video Frame


What you include in your video frame and what is being seen by viewers affect the presentation of your work and the image you are trying to create. By making sure you are doing a couple of these things, you'll be on your way to having a crisp and stylized makeup tutorial. 

HOW TO Making Your Video Frame Look Polished

  1. Have an Organized Space. If you're planning on recording in your room, either make sure the background behind you is clean and organized or simply have a back drop so that the space around you looks presentable. The less distractions from the topic at hand, the better.

  2. Check Your Video Settings. Make sure that your video is recorded in the proper format to where you are uploading. Most are played in widescreen so if you record your tutorial in a box format, you will get black bands on each side of the video. 

  3. Stay on Subject. If you happen to get a phone call in the middle of recording, stop what you are doing and take care of it. After, restate what you were saying in the first place and have a transition to the next frame. 

  4. Show Your Pets off Another Time. We all love cute animals, but if you're watching a makeup tutorial, chances are you want to get the information needed quickly. By stopping and showing off Fluffy, you're cutting into more time making it less likely that people will want to watch you.

  5. Stay in the Center of the Frame. If you're planning on zooming in to show a closeup of you doing a makeup technique, make sure you're in the center of the frame. No one is going to want to watch your forehead while you put on your eyeliner our of frame.

Beautylish Tip: Make sure you're recording at a time of day when you'll have no noise distractions! The less noise in the background, the more the viewer can concentrate on you.