Make the Most out of Your Mascara Wand


Beauties, have you ever wondered how to really give your lashes some oomph? After attending The Out of the Beauty Box Tour in San Francisco, Beautylish learned a few tricks to get your lashes fuller, darker, and lifted. Here’s a pro makeup artist technique to maximize your lash mileage!

HOW TO Make the Most out of Your Mascara Wand

Wrap the mascara wand with a protective covering (we like using a small towel or plastic ziplock back so our fingers don’t get dirty).

Grab the wand head and slowly bend it so it’s at a 90 degree angle, perpendicular to the actual brush handle.

Apply mascara in harder to reach areas (like the inner and lower lashes) by holding the wand with your index finger and thumb. This enables you to push the mascara brush deeper into the base of the eyelid, ensuring thicker looking lashes.

After you push the mascara into the base, wiggle the brush repeatedly and lift up. If you don’t feel comfortable bending your full-size mascara, this technique works just as well with disposable mascara wands (and you can use them to brush out mascara clumps after application).

Beautylish recommends Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara,NARS Larger Than Life Volumizing Mascara, & Shiseido Perfect Mascara for separation and length!

Beautylish Tip #1: Keep a stash of custom shaped disposable mascara wands handy for perfect brow grooming (they’re great for removing excess face makeup from brows, too.)

Beautylish Tip #2: Use the end of a disposable mascara wand to apply glue to false eye lashes. Place a bead of glue on the end of the handle and run the strip through the glue for even application.

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