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Time to say goodbye to thick leggings and chilly weather—warmer days are here and leg-baring bottoms are finally coming out of our closets. There are many different hair removal techniques, but the quickest and most inexpensive way is still shaving. Keep reading for helpful shaving tips that will have you strutting your silky legs in no time. 

Tips How To Shave Your Legs Properly

  1. Wet legs are essential Don't shave dry legs—you're just asking to irritate and nick yourself. After you step into the shower, gently exfoliate to slough off dead skin and wait 2 to 3 minutes to dampen your legs and soften the hair. This will help ensure a close shave. Have you ever noticed that the barbers in old movies will lay a hot cloth over a man's face before shaving? This is the same concept of prepping the skin.

  2. Shaving creams Any brand of shaving cream or gel—for men or women— will work. The major difference is in the scent so find a fragrance that's suitable for you. Even better, try a fragrance-free shaving cream—that's one less ingredient that could irritate your skin. And don't be fooled by scenes on television where women slather a ginormous glob of goo on their legs—for a close shave that doesn't clog up the razor, you only need a thin and even layer of shaving cream.

  3. Razors People have different razor preferences so you'll need to find one that suits you. New razors are built with multiple blades, pivoting heads and lubricated strips that help make the process easier. Change your razor or cartridge often—a dull blade can drag onto your skin and leave cuts.

  4. Comfortable place to sit This may sound silly, but you want to make sure you're sitting or standing comfortably while you're shaving. Can you imagine falling over and slicing your leg with the razor? Yikes!

  5. Upward strokes Shave against the growth of your hair. Start at your ankles and move your way up the leg, in upward motions. Remember to rinse your blade in between each stroke to wash away build up. 

  6. Knees are the exception The knees can be the most difficult area to shave. Bend your knees and gently shave in different directions. If you still notice hair, straighten your legs and repeat the process. 

  7. Ingrown hairs Avoid ingrown hairs by using products specifically formulated to combat the issue after you step out of the shower, like Tend Skin. 

Beautylish Tip: Don't scrub your legs after, since shaving exfoliates your skin. Just pat your legs dry and rub in your favorite moisturizer or oil.

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