3 Common Makeup Brush Cleaning FAQs, Solved.


Of everything that goes into a makeup kit, brushes are the one thing we all use every day, for pretty much every look. Considering that (not to mention the fact that you probably invested a chunk of change in yours), it’s important to take care of them properly. But what product do you use to clean them? What’s the best way to dry them? Since we’re brush buffs around here, we’ve gathered simple solutions to three of your most-asked brush-cleaning FAQs. Whether you try one or all, your brushes will thank you over the years.  

FAQ #1: How do I get brushes clean without harming them?

Answer: Pro or not, keeping your brushes clean is non-negotiable. Parian Spirit, a line of nontoxic cleaning products designed specifically for makeup brushes, makes that super easy. In place of harsh detergents usually found in brush cleaners, Parian is made with citrus-derived spirits and food-grade solvents. It smells like oranges and gently dissolves all types of makeup (powders, liquids, wax-based products, creams)—while simultaneously conditioning and disinfecting bristles. That means your brushes can live a long, bacteria-free life. And the brand’s ingeniously designed Brush Cleaning Jar, is life-changing; check it out!

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FAQ #2: How can I prevent a brush head from losing its shape after washing it?

Answer: When you clean your brushes, they get wet. And when they get wet, they get misshapen as they dry. Enter The Brush Guard, one of the simplest little lifesavers we’ve ever discovered. The concept is simple: right after you wash a brush, you slip one of these tightly woven, mesh-like polyester sleeves over the head, and let it dry (preferably bristles-down; more on that in a minute!). The breathable material lets water drain out and away, rather than seeping into the handle, which can loosen the glue that holds the hairs in place. At $9.95 for most packs, Brush Guards are a small price to pay to keep your favorite brushes in the best possible shape when they’re not in use.

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FAQ #3: I usually throw my brushes in a jar to dry. Is there a better way?

Answer: Yes. Benjabelle’s “Brush Trees” are handmade in Madison, Wisconsin, specifically for that purpose! If you dry brushes bristles-up in a jar, that can compromise their construction (the water can seep in and loosen the glue that holds everything together). The same thing can happen when you lay them flat on a towel on your bathroom counter—and that just takes up a ton of space. Each Brush Tree is designed to hang your brushes in the optimal position (bristles-down), so they dry quickly and without damage. Bonus: no matter which tree you choose, it collapses in seconds for easy storage.

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