Getting the Pretty Back with Molly Ringwald


Have you scanned actress Molly Ringwald's new book, Getting the Pretty Back, yet? The '80s icon discusses life, love, and her beauty evolution. We captured a few of her beauty highlights.

On Aging and Skin Care...

"If you can't look directly at the sky without squinting, then you will need an SPF of 15 or higher. Wear the block—end of story!"

"[Retin-A] is the only FDA-approved drug that's proven to really stimulate collagen production. My mother was a Retin-A experiment-in-the-making, and starting using it in the eighties. Now she enjoys flawless skin at sixty-eight!"

"Don't be afraid of scientific innovation. If it weren't for science, we'd never have gotten past the Plague. Be bold, as long as you are under the care of a board-certified dermatologist."

"Repair your reckless-youth and sun-damaged face, hands, neck, and décollatage with laser skin treatments. These are the must-dos to repair your skin from the inside out. They will erase bown spots, red spots, broken blood vessels, and big pores."

"Keep your body free of weird and persistent skin tags—it's just good grooming! These benign growths take seconds to remove in a painless procedure."

"Everyone should have a yearly skin cancer screening. There is no excuse not to have all your moles checked regularly."

On Lipstick...

"Skip lip pencil that 'matches' the lip color. It's just one extra step that generally makes everything look more severe."

"Apply sparingly, blot, and don't forget to check your teeth—application with cleavage à la Breakfast Club optional...."


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