Gwyneth Paltrow's Smooth Skin Secret


Gwyneth may be 38 years-old, but her skin looks as flawlessly smooth and gorgeous as her daughter Apple's (just look at Gwyneth in a recent shoot for Vanity Fair, above). Beautylish's Ning thinks she has the secret to Gwyneth's ageless complexion: Sonya Dakar Flash Facial.

Sonya has been Gwyneth's facialist forever and also caters to the famous faces of Drew Barrymore, Sofia Vergara, and Jessica Biel. And while she's always had an amazing skin care line, Sonya's latest invention is truly genius. Flash Facial One Minute Exfoliating Gel is a clear jelly that you apply to your skin in a thin layer. As the gel mask dries, you massage it with your fingers (like a traditional gommage exfoliation) and the dead skin cells stick to the mask and just rub right off. Literally. When I tried this product on my face, I saw little balls of dirt and debris rubbing off. And instead of the typical white color that gommage looks like, these balls were gray. Yes, gray! That's because Flash Facial was digging up the caked in nastiness that was clogging my pores. So gross. But I bet that's how Gwyneth looks so great. Bonus: Sonya's entire new skin care line is vegan as well as paraben- and fragrance-free. 

Photo courtesy of JustJared

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