How Models Prepare for Fashion Week


For top models, Fashion Week (or month) is the busiest time of the year, the month when they have to look their absolute best. We caught up with one of the fashion world's favorite faces to ask her how she gets ready to walk down a catwalk in sometimes nothing more than a bikini!

Karlie Kloss

"I find the spring/summer shows really easy to get ready for," said Karlie. "I'm outdoors all summer mountain biking, canoeing, running, and being really active, so it's easy for me to stay fit. I also love to do a juice cleanse about a month before Fashion Week so I feel really healthy. I did the BluPrint three-day one and I loved it! I also get a facial about a month before, but I can't tell you I go to because then I'll never get an appointment!" And her favorite beauty product? "I love Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray! It gives my hair enough texture to get that messy, bed-head look."

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