Do You Want Shiny Hair This Summer?


In a revolt against mediocrity, I dyed my hair in high school. But, going two shades darker in auburn wasn't exactly that rebellious, and I only used ammonia and peroxide-free formulas. I may not have processed in the past, but that doesn't mean my hair is in great shape right now, especially during summer. The sun and the sea naturally tend to give the bleached-out, grungy treatment to just about every head of hair, but hot conditions dry out my tresses like no other. Top that with daily heat styling damage, and my hair is in need of help. When I first hear about the miraculous Keratin Rejuvenating Treatment at the Andy LeCompte salon in Los Angeles, I immediately booked an appointment on my next L.A. visit.

You might be thinking that this Keratin Rejuvenation Treatment has something to do with the Brazilian Blowout, which also uses keratin in the process—wrong! This system uses specially formulated oils developed by the Japanese line Noiraudepro which build up the keratin, collagen, and protein lost in your hair cuticle (the outer layer of the hair shaft that protects against damage).

Denis de Souza is the celebrity colorist to the stars and my new Keratin expert. "You don't have very much damage," says Denis as he starts assessing my hair, "but this treatment is still going to make your hair incredibly soft and shiny." Hollywood's hottest celebrities go to Denis to revive their distressed tresses. Nicole Richie and Zoe Saldana are regulars, and Kate Walsh even brings in Denis (her "hair doctor") for house visits! Needless to say, I'm in good hands. 

Denis begins individually spritzing eight different oil sprays on my damp locks—four keratin oils and four collagen blends. He heat-seals each layer of oil with a thermal flat iron. 

After he entirely coats and seals my large head of hair (in a mere 30 minutes!), Denis hands me a pack of weekly deep conditioning treatments to extend the effects even after the salon visit. An hour and a blow-dry later, my hair feels unbelievably soft and silky. Like, Pantene silky. I truly understand how fortifying this treatment is after the first post-treatment wash. When I first lather shampoo into my scalp, my hair feels different—smoother, stronger, and more resiliant. Ideally, the Keratin Rejuvenating Treatment is dramatically more effective on processed and post-Brazilian Blowout victims, but those with dry, dull, and sun-damaged locks like me will still benefit.