Best Nail Polish Brushes


We all like to achieve the perfect manicure, and the right tools can help you do it. Having a polish with an easy-to-use brush is just as important as applying a base coat and topcoat, using cuticle oil, and filing your nails in one direction. Luckily, many brands are stepping up to the plate, combining thicker, angled brushes (which make polish easier to apply and give you a cleaner look) with beautiful shades. Here are our Top 3.

1 Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Nail Polish

These brushes are ideal for wider nail beds. They're flat, thick, and angled so you get an even line at the cuticle. The polish formula is also quite dense, so you don’t need too much on the brush when you apply it.

2 CND Colour

This brush is quite long but flat and wide, so you get even, lengthy strokes of polish. Combine that with a formula that doesn’t leave streaks and requires only two layers for the perfect amount of polish and you have a winner.

Dior Vernis

The brush in these pretty bottles is the best of both worlds. It's small, so you have lots of control, but it’s also pointed at the tip and flat rather than round, so you get even coverage. Not to mention, the shades are gorgeous.

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