Beauty Remorse: Nail Breakage


We have all broken and split our nails before, in countless different ways. Your manicure may be ruined, but nails grow back pretty quickly so it's usually not a huge deal. However, if the nail breaks by the skin bed (where it's still attached to your finger), the pain can be quite annoying. Instead of ripping off the nail or sticking on a Band-Aid while it grows out, there are ways to fix the nail and keep it intact. If this is all too much work for you, at least use a cute Band-Aid to cover your broken nail!

HOW TO Fix Broken Nails

  1. Remove any nail polish on the broken nail and wash your hand with warm water. 

  2. Clip or file your nail as close to the tip of your finger as possible. If you insist on keeping the length, you don't need to clip or file your nails down as far, but the more length you leave, the higher the risk of your nail snagging and breaking off completely.

  3. Trim a tea bag gauze or clear tape to fit over the tear. Apply a thin layer of clear polish and while it's still wet, place the tea bag gauze or tape over the tear. Apply another layer of clear polish on top of the patch and let it dry completely before adding one or two more layers of the clear polish. Use a toothpick to maneuver the gauze or tape to fit correctly. If the nail looks lumpy, wait until the polish is completely dry and buff the nail with an emery board until smooth.

  4. For an alternative method, you can also use a small dollop of non-toxic clear glue or nail glue over the tear instead of the patch method. Brush the glue over the affected area and gently hold the two sides of the tear together until the glue sets. Let it dry for a few minutes before buffing the nail with an emery board until smooth (if necessary). Apply a layer of clear nail polish or strengthener on top.

Beautylish Tip: You can use a colored nail polish on top of a repaired nail to hide the gauze, tape, or glue.