Does Your Skin Look Older Than It Is?


Let's set the record straight first. As Illamasqua's Generation Q collection so boldly declared, beauty is ageless, and we couldn't agree more. That said, no matter a baby boomer or Gen Y'er, we  should all be taking care of our skin with the precision of a scientist.

Our skin is largest organ on our body, yet most of the time we give all of our attention to our complexion and forget about 90% of the rest. Unfortunately, the parts we don't take care of age just as quickly as our face—telltale giveaways. Fortunately, it's easier than ever to take a whole body approach with these tips.


Driving, chopping, typing, applying eye liner—your hands have all the fun and do all the work. Thus, they are easily callused, bruised, damaged, and equally affected by UV rays. Don't forget about these operators just because they move all the time! Apply leftover SPF and serums from your face over the tops of your hands and fingers for extra protection.


Yes, French women have realized this secret for years—your neck and chest are prime real estate! It's a shame when those with flawless complexions are marred by spots and small wrinkles below the chin. Firming, wrinkle-reducing creams exist aplenty for your décolletage, but if you're in a pinch just use the same moisturize for your face down below.


Ever wonder why children look so naturally beautiful? It's because of their full, thick set of eye lashes. Whether you invest in lash extensions or worship your favorite mascara, it's important to take time to nourish the lid area every once in a while. Hydrate your lashes weekly with a drop of coconut or olive oil and you'll see a noticeable improvement in their luster and health.


It's subtle, but ears can age you years if not properly taken care of. Since most walk around with exposed lobes, wrinkling and sun spots can prey here just as easily as on the tip your nose. Sunscreen and extra moisture during the winter can't hurt.

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