How to Keep Your Brows in Place!


Brows are the frame to a canvas, the structure to the face, and one of the most important beauty features to focus your attention. Discovering your perfect brow shape and finding the right color match are feats of their own, but what happens midday when your handiwork has gone awry, and suddenly your eyebrow hairs take on a coiled, unruly life of their own? Not on our watch! These three standbys ensure your arches take root.


Gelatinous and thin in texture, brow gels and clear mascaras are the go-to for grooming. Just brush the brows up and out from the inner corner with the wand, and let the product lock in pigment, comb stray hairs, and seal in glossy shine. Many versions contain tinted variants, but a transparent formula is a beginner's best bet.


Think of brow hairs the same way you would your head. Coarser hair demands thicker product, and the same holds true on your arches. Pomade-like brow waxes help shape especially prickly, stubborn hair above the eye. Usually, these formulas come in pans and need to be applied with a stiff angled brush.


If you find yourself in an emergency without brow backup, it's time to get creative. We often spritz a mini can of hairspray onto our fingers and gently pat over the arches. Or you can try a dab of Vaseline or Aquaphor—the jellied consistency is thick enough to tame brow-licks in a pinch.

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