Trend to Try: How To Rock Straight Eyebrows



South Korea is often the epicenter of innovative or unusual beauty trends, so it comes as no surprise that the straight eyebrow craze can trace its origins back to this fashion-forward country. “[Straight brows] are especially popular in cultures where the eyebrows are not naturally arched and have a tendency to grow in straight,” said Ramy Gafni, celebrity brow expert and founder of RAMY Beauty Therapy. “It eliminates the challenge of having to create an arch in the brow.” Some celebs are now rocking the straight brow, too, including Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba.

Gafni continued: “The straight, non-arched brow is an extension of the heavier ‘boy brow’ we saw last season.” The ‘boy brow’ he’s referring to is the unplucked, masculine eyebrow that many runway models and celebrities have been sporting in recent years.

So straight brows are on-point and relatively low-maintenance (depending on your brows’ natural shape)—and they’re also incredibly youthful, as they emulate the look of teens’ natural, bushy, and unshaped brows. Intrigued? Me too. Let’s find out how to do it.


How To Get (or Fake) a Straight Eyebrow

Before you attempt to straighten out your brows, pause to consider your bone structure. “The straight brow can look expressionless and severe, so it looks best on someone with delicate, small features,” cautions Gafni.

If you want a longer-lasting solution, take a razor to the tail end of your brows and gently remove the hair that curves downward . Don’t overdo it—the length should still fully frame the eyes. After, fill your brows in following the guidelines outlined below.

You can also fake the look entirely with the help of our trusty friend, makeup. Gafni recommends filling in your whole brow with an eyebrow pencil or brow powder. Focus the filler on the top portion of both ends of your brow, creating an imaginary straight line between the two. Be sure to choose a filler that’s a few shades lighter than your brow color, for optimal natural blending.

You’ll also need to fill in under your brow, directly where it peaks. “This creates the illusion of a straighter, less arched eyebrow,” said Gafni. Avoid applying highlighter below the arch, as that will only emphasize its curve. To finish the look, use a spoolie brush to brush the hairs in the same direction and blend the color.

The look is surprisingly fresh and youthful - a slightly more manicured option than the all natural brow. Is it right for you? Only one way to find out!

Watch this tutorial by Onlee Amore to see this look executed to perfection:

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