Keep Your Brows in Shape With This Easy Maintenance Routine

Photo: ©ohlamour studio / Stocksy

If you’re getting your brows done every 12 weeks (or even more frequently!), you know that the time and money spent on salon trips can seriously add up.

While the rate of brow growth can widely vary between individuals, unwanted hair can and will sprout up at what seems like the most unfavorable times. Before you book another appointment, check out this easy, 3-step maintenance routine to whip brows back into shape.

Have no fear if you’re feeling a little hesitant. Take it slow and follow these beginner tips for maintaining your dream brows without breaking the bank.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Step #1: Trim

Uneven brow growth can throw your arches out of whack, so it’s best to trim those longer strands. We know that when the scissors come out, tensions can get high. However, once you get the hang of trimming your arches—and you see the difference it can make—you might even like your outcome better than the professionals.

Using the spoolie brush end of your brow pencil, comb your brows upwards to get a clearer view of which strands are too long for your liking. Once you’ve identified them, trim only the very ends, angling your scissors in the same direction of the brow shape. Be careful not to cut downward into the brow. Simply follow the upper arch angle, snip the outer edges, and take it slow.

An important note about the tail portion of your brow - don’t trim this unless the growth is super long. The ends of brows are usually on the thinner side and can be more susceptible to hair loss, so it’s best to avoid cutting this section.

Step #2: Tweeze

With your spoolie, comb your brows into shape, and focus your attention on the skin beneath your brow aka the brow bone. See any strays? Pluck rogue hairs underneath your arch that don’t contribute to the overall shape of your brow. The new, sporadic growth is usually short and a bit spiky - that’s what you want to remove. Less is more, so be sure that you don’t over pluck.

Step #3: Fill or seal

If you’re happy with the results of step 1 and 2, feel free to skip this next step and go natural. To up the ante, seal your maintenance with a clear brow shaping gel or create additional hairlike strokes with a brow pencil in your shade to enhance your freshly groomed results.