Cosmetic Collectibles: Jason Wu's Fashion Royalty Dolls


Whether you braided your American Girls' locks, played with your Cabbage Patch Kids in the dirt, or even beheaded your Barbies (you know who you are), you probably owned at least one doll as a kid. But a toy just for elevated makeup tastes? That's something we can't ignore, even well into our adulthood.

Fashion Royalty Dolls are a beauty lovers ultimate splurge. A decade-long collaboration between fashion designer Jason Wu and doll manufacturers Integrity Toys, these pricey, high-fashion figurines are coveted by doll collectors worldwide for their sleek style and amazing attention to detail, clad in couture and stilettos even we’re envious of. And with seductive monikers like Véronique Perrin and Natalia Fatalé, we can't help but get sucked into the storyline behind the brand.

Turns out, many of these characters are mega cosmetic moguls themselves, feuding with one another in the cutthroat beauty industry—seriously, each character has its own biography! Their killer makeup reflects their personalities: Sharp, graphic eye liner, far-out lashes, and unreal metallic eye shadow and lip textures make these mini models a visual feast of makeup inspiration to learn from. In our waning youth, it's time to say buh-bye to Barbie pink lips and hello to a whole new generation of painted playthings.