Lighten Up your Scent for Spring


Got spring fever? Boost your mood and celebrate the season with a fresh new fragrance. Whether you like bubbly citrus perfumes or sexy florals, it's time to ditch winter's heavy scents for a lighter alternative. We chatted with top perfumer Sarah Horowitz-Thran for tips on how to brighten up your fragrance this season, while still staying within the genre you love!


"Citrus is great for this time of year because the scent family has a bright quality to it," says Sarah. "Opt for lemon and grapefruit notes which have a bit more sparkle than some of the other fruity fragrances."

If you like Clinique Happy... Sarah recommends: Peace Comes From Within by Sarah Horowitz-Thran.


Because Oriental fragrances are usually intense and spicy, Sarah suggests looking for perfumes that feature sandalwood. "It’s a lighter wood and has more of a fresh feeling to it," she explains. "You can also layer it with a fruity body lotion to lighten up the heavier base"

If you like Coco Chanel... Sarah recommends: Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel.


"Gourmands tend to be inspired by rich foods that make your mouth water," says Sarah. She suggests steering clear of heavy vanilla and chocolate perfumes—try softer sugar-based scents instead.
If you like La Vanilla Pure Vanilla... Sarah recommends: Sugar Eau de Parfum by Fresh.


You can still get the nature-inspired Fougére vibe without opting for a woody fragrance. "Look for fig or grassy notes," says Sarah. These lighter alternatives still give you an outdoor-sy feel without the full-bodied forest effect.
If you like Henri Bendel Wild Fig...
Sarah recommends: Fleurs de Bois by Miller Harris.


Sarah's easy trick for finding a perfect floral scent? Get inspired by what’s currently in bloom! "Orange and cherry blossoms, jasmine, and freesia are my favorite for spring," she says. Skip rose or gardenia-based fragrances, which can be overpowering in warmer weather.  
If you like Stella McCartney Stella... Sarah recommends: L'Ete en Douce Eau de Toilette by L'Artisan Parfumeur.


"Chypre is a very musky, earthy scent," says Sarah. "The base note is traditionally oak moss,"  She suggests looking for a fruity alternative of the genre which is always a bit softer.
If you like Miss Dior by Dior...
Sarah recommends: Burberry Body.

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Sarah Horowitz-Thran has had a career in fragrance for over 20 years and is the founder of Sarah Horowitz Parfums. She also is the creator three distinct ready to wear lines as well as a number of blockbuster private label and custom fragrances that have attracted a cult following among fashion industry insiders and celebrities across the US.