Stella McCartney



Antosha M.

I have worn this perfume since I was 14 and I received it as a sample. I begged for this item for 2 weeks until my mom bought it for me. I love the scent, it is so classy, mature and distinct.

Noelle M.

I love how this fragrance lingers, theres something about the scent of a real rose thats very sexy to me, it's light, and delicate, and not overpowering by any means. It's really a great anytime fragrance, I had a tester and just never got around to ordering the full size, but i have the roll on and its the best! when I run out I will def repurchase. LOVE! this fragrance.

Yomaira C.
Absolutely Amazing!

This perfume is AMAZING!!! it's perfect all year round! It's a perfect balance between strong and subtle. I spray this on twice and it will last me all day! Can't get enough ;)

Stephanie S.

I am a serious rose lover. Rose perfumes, rose candles, actual roses, rose bushes, rose candy, you name it, I am all about it. To my nose, roses simultaneously smell sweet, clean, rich, velvety, inviting, and warm. Stella embodies a soft, feminine, assertive rose perfectly. I absolutely detect the amber and the peony mixed with the lush, deep red damask roses, but sadly I don't really pick the mandarin out. I suppose it blends in to the other notes when I smell it. Stella is the perfect rose if you want a contemporary, less soapy rose that is authentic to the flower yet also offering something a bit more captivating. Stella's rose is a rose with a story to tell if you would only come closer.

Dawn H.

I have loved this perfume for years. It's just a sultry, sexy scent but very light and lingering. I have had my bottle for over 5 years and it still smells as wonderful as it did the first time I bought it. I recommend this scent for anyone who wants to feel alluring and sexy!

Jaymie C.
The Best rose scent ever!

LoVe this rose scent! I was a vendor for this fragrance so many years ago and up to now this is still my most favorite rose scent. The complete line of body products is also amazing. I even had the pleasure of having the candles which is so amazing it is fragrant, classy and worth every penny. Perfect scent for aromatherapy.

Mary V.
For when I want to feel like a Lady

Before coming across Stella, I liked the idea of a rose scent, but just not on me. Most rose-based perfumes just ended up being all TOO ROSE, if you will, too mature/sophisticated. Then I met Stella at Sephora, and it was like--Wow, I could get down with this rose. It's somehow clean and fresh, warm and lush, sultry and classy, light and dark, all at the same time--a perfect blend! Yes, it is a very "Lady" perfume, powerful lady at that =)

anna maral K.

on my top three perfume list... very feminine ,an unusuall perfume,not something you come across everyday... quite strong scent of roses though, but that's my thing ... i'm a sucker for anything that smells of roses...