Man Scent: Why Your Guy Likes to Smell Clean



There's nothing better than walking past a delicious smelling man, but what is it that attracts us? While women prefer their man to smell outdoorsy and masculine, most guys won't choose the fragrance that their better halves prefer. We spoke with Senior Perfumer for Givaudan, Caroline Sabas to discover why.

When it comes to scent, men normally make one of two mistakes. They either apply too much, or none at all. But when they do spritz, which smells do women prefer? "Traditionally most men's scents are very woody and masculine," says Caroline. "Which is typically how women like men to smell. They like to feel comforted and safe, and a woodsy, outdoors smell is also a little sexier." Notes like vetiver and pine are very popular in men's fragrances, and according to Caroline, have been consistent smells in men's fragrances for years.

While men do enjoy a perfume akin to the great outdoors, they favor something that smells clean even more. "We've noticed that men always like to smell freshly showered—very crisp and clean," notes Caroline. "And although every country is different, all men like to smell as if they're well groomed and looked after." Fruity notes are also making more of an appearance, and scents are becoming more unisex. "A lot of women prefer more masculine scents and choose to wear them, kind of like a 'I'm wearing my boyfriend's perfume’ reaction. But typically, a guy will always wear something that he thinks will attract a woman.” Scent is extremely personal, and something that we all react to differently. So, Beauties, how do you like your man to smell? Let us know in the comments below!

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