Trident Eyes: Pitchfork-Shaped, Beginner-Proof Liquid Eye Liners


It was doodling day at Beautylish HQ. Our stroking tool of choice? The latest trident liners to hit the market.

Too Faced, Clarins, and Bourjois all recently launched a triple-pronged liquid eye liner that is genius for tightlining. The pitchfork shape enables you to push the liner into the lash line as deep as possible, and the pigment is fluid enough so product is evenly distributed along the root. The result is clean, natural definition that's less messy than dealing with gel liner.

But we all know you’re more experimental than that. We also drew Twiggy-esque lower lashes, halftone dot creases, tribal stripes, and even spotted eye brows among countless other pointillist variations. The options are truly endless, and it was so fun to play.

After streaking for a good hour, we preferred the thinner line weight and staying power of Clarins’ 3-Dot liner, but found all had rich black pigment with little to no feathering. We love that this unique shape is user-friendly to both the absolute beginner and ultimate pro, and definitely encourage you to pick one of these up and play on your own. And if you’re not into dotting, there’s always a cat eye.

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