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smells so good!

this stuff is great. My mom actually bought it for herself, but then she ended up not really using it so I got it. I love how this stuff smells. It smells really warm to me. Definitely a great winter scent. Not to mention how this stuff moisturizes my skin like crazy. I have redness on my arms and this stuff helps to calm down that redness and sometimes get it to go away for a little while. I'd say that this stuff has really worked for me.

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Made me a believer

I used to never use primer because I thought that it wasn't worth the money, but I got a tube of this stuff with an Urban Decay shadow palette that I bought and I am officially in love. I use this stuff all the time now and it really makes my eyeshadow stay on a lot longer and often times look more vibrant. This stuff is amazing beyond words. A little too expensive for my tastes, but overall I think it is worth it.


I bought this spray because the store was sold out of the Tresseme heat spray I normally use and this one was cheaper than the one that I use. I wasn't sure if I would like this when I bought it since I haven't really been a huge fan of Suave. I was right. I hated this. It made my hair feel so coarse and thicker than normal. My hair felt so dry. I feel like if I would have just straightened my hair with nothing on it, I would have gotten better results than I did using this. I highly do not recommend this.


I did not like this stuff at all. The only good thing about it was the price and it was affordable. I hated how it made my hair feel. My hair still felt greasy after I applied it. It also made my hair look greasier than it already did. I did not like this at all. I'm still on the hunt for a good dry shampoo but this one definitely will be crossed off of my list.

Don't see why some people complain...

I heard some complaints about this nail polish saying that it didn't last long and what not. I don't see why there are reasons for complaints. It's very affordable and easy to get access too considering you can buy this polish just about anywhere Revlon is sold. I thought it lasted a pretty good amount of time considering it's a drugstore brand nail polish. I was pleased. I also love the colors they come in. Not as wide of a selection as I would have liked, but I think what they do have is great.

Affordable and smells wonderful!

I actually saw this at Macy's a while back and really wanted it, but didn't feel like paying the money for a nice perfume. I went to Walmart later on and found the 1.7 oz for $20. I got it there. It smells amazing! It's a sexy smell that lasts quite a while. I put it on in the morning and went the whole day through school and throughout the day I can smell bursts of the fragrance again. I love this fragrance. Definitely worth every penny :)

I love it!

It works great for me! It really makes my lashes longer and gives them more body. For me personally this worked great but I know it hasn't worked as well for others. I really think how a mascara works depends on the type of lashes you have. I got this today at Wal-Mart for $7. I've been meaning to get this for the longest time, but I never got around to it. I finally got it today and I am glad I did. It really worked great for me and it is probably one of my new favorite mascaras.

SO happy with this!

I finally got around to buying this top coat. I've been wanting it for the longest time and about a month or so ago I finally got it! I do love it for sure! It dries very quickly and gives my nails a pretty good shine. I do love that it also helps my nail polish stay on so much longer too! I paid about $8 for this at my local Sally's. The price is always a little steep, but I figured it's definitely worth it. It is my new favorite top coat for sure and I would highly recommend that if you don't own it or have never tried it, to get off the computer and go buy it right now!

worth my money!

I loved the blush section of this! I have not used the bronzer section simply because I usually don't wear bronzer. I do love the blush though. I bought this because I saw on Temptalia's dupe list that it was a good dupe for Nars Orgasm. So I didn't have the money to get Nars Orgasm for I got this to stop my craving for a while. I do love it though. It's very pigmented and I would say from pictures I have seen it does look like Nars Orgasm. Not to mention the price is wonderful as well.

Guess I'll join the majority!

I loved this stuff! It worked well. Not to mention it was only like $5. It didn't clump up my lashes as much as mascaras normally do and it stayed on well. I deducted half a star though for the smell. It's nothing too big but it does smell a little funky. Well at least mine did. I love the packaging though. It seems very retro. Reminds me of a disco or something! I would definitely recommend this mascara to anyone looking for a good drugstore mascara to use.

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