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not for faint of heart

I've had moderate acne since puberty so harsh chemicals don't really bother my skin- i've been on what feels like every harsh topical treatment available for acne. 10% lactic acid in this formulation doesn't ever bother my skin. Sometimes I leave this on for an hour before I apply a moisturizer and my skin doesn't come out irritated. I use this in every nightly routine and my skin has never been so soft in my life! Big breakouts have been fewer and farther between since using this. I bought it at launch and after using it for 2 months I feel confident in saying that adding this has really revolutionized how my face looks. I keep getting compliments from people I haven't seen in a while about how good my skin looks and I agree! However, if you have sensitive skin I would start with the 5% or apply the 10% less frequently--lactic acid is some powerful stuff.

too soon for 5 stars but DEFINITELY worth 4

I'm not done with my standard 4-6 week testing period for skincare but I'm really loving this product already. It doesn't really have a scent, and it dries down to an almost-matte finish. It never feels sticky when I apply it and sets very fast. I apply this at night because it DOES make your skin sensitive to light so make sure you apply a sunscreen during the day! When I wake up in the morning my face is so soft and my clogged pores are getting fewer and farther between. I'm excited to see how this helps out during hormonal acne breakouts. It's too soon for 5 stars but it 100% worth 4 stars!!! I will probably repurchase, too!

Washes out fast!

I LOVED how bright this purple is supposed to be but it washes out of my hair so quickly--and I only wash my hair once a week! When I dye my hair, I leave it in for at least 3 hours and apply a color sealer to try to lock in as much as I can. Overall I will never be buying Manic Panic again because its just too much upkeep for a color that will only last me 2 weeks.

I got this concealer in a set of 10 benefit samples, and I use it every day. The medium shade is too dark to use on my general face area for blemishes, but it works WONDERS on my under-eye circles. The next time I purchase I will have to be sure to buy it in the lighter shade so I can use this amazing formula on my general face area, too. One of the best concealers I've ever used!

I absolutely love my lip tar! It is so pigmented and I am always complimented on the color. It's very easy to over-do it on application though; I've had friends try to apply it before I tell them "a little goes a long way" and end up making a huge mess. I love this product, even though its a bit drying, and I cannot wait to buy more colors!

Great product--but too fickle

I LOVED the way this made my lashes look, but that's really where it ends. This flaked on me a lot, which is a problem I've never had before. By the end of the day I'd have little mascara flakes all around my eyes-not cool. It also dried up fairly quickly. I use mascara almost every day generously because of my light-colored lashes, so I don't have a problem with using up tubes of mascara. This just dried up so quickly! It made my lashes look PHENOMENAL but it totally is not worth the price/aftermath for me to repurchase.

Natural flush

Being so pale, this is wonderful as a blush for me. I have used it as a highlighter by using a TINY amount but I LOVE this as a blush. Most blushes are WAY too dark for me. this adds a subtle flushed look that I LOOOOOVE

can't live without!

I got a sample size of this and I used it up so quickly. I have such a hard time finding highlighters that aren't too dark for my super pale skin. I put this on my cheekbones, mostly. But when I'm lazy on the eye makeup I just put mascara on and put this under my browbones. This is also a good fix for when my face is too matte. It doesn't break out my face and it has never made me look to oily. I LOVE this product so much.

slight learning curve!

I have both Posietint and benetint and I've found that they work better as blushes when I put them UNDER my makeup. It looks splotchy before I lay down my foundation but after I put the foundation on I look like I'm GLOWING. I love these colors as lip products but I find the original benetint color feathers like crazy on my lips. I don't have this problem with Posietint, though. You kind of have to play around with them to see what tricks work for you but I wouldn't write them off completely.

alternative uses

I've used this for as long as I can remember to set my eyebrows. I just touch my finger to the lip balm and then swipe it across my eyebrows. It's a wax-based balm so as long as you use it sparingly your eyebrows look completely normal but stay in place. I prefer the tube packaging over the tin but this is AWESOME for a different use!

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