Manic Panic

Classic Cream Formula

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Rachel W.
The Best!

This is the only brand of hair color I use when I do different colors like blue, red, and pink. It doesn't damage hair too bad which is why I use it since I bleach and color my hair often. I mix it in with my conditioner when I shower which seems to make the color last longer. I normally go for lighter shades so I mix it with white conditioner and leave it on my hair for a couple of hours. I touch up about every 4-5 weeks.

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Kelsey S.
Love it
Photo of product included with review by Kelsey S.

This product is my go-to dye. the color is too perfect and beautiful. I get so many compliments! Manic panic is messy, but so worth it. The color stays in my hair really well and I chose this dye over any other red hair dye.

Jordie R.
La la love it!
Photo of product included with review by Jordie R.

I have 5 different shades of red 2 pinks 2blues and 2 purples! So good to stock up on! Beautiful. Bright colors. Semi-permanent so you have to touch it up more than a real dye. Everytime I shower I put a little in with my conditioner to make sure it stays bright and beautiful! Love these reds especially! Made with vegetable products so it does not damage hair! Witch I amazing for me because I have hair dyeing addiction! I've been every color in the book! Red as shown in this picture, blue, pink, purple. One thing about this product though: if you have dark hair you will not get a good result. It will not be bright and also will not be the color you originally planned. You would need to bleach the part you wanted first. Or your whole head witch we all know its insanely unhealthy. But like I said. Amazing; bright colors!

Gabrielle D.

I love this formula and the color that it gives my hair. I've been using this product on my hair ever 3 weeks for about 6 months. Now that I've used it a couple times it really stays in my hair for a long time. It always leaves my hair soft after using it.

Jen P.

Love it! This color lasted a long time on me to the point where it needed to be bleached out. I barely had to touch up with it. It's also really easy to apply and feels like it's actually conditioning my hair when I apply it!

Crystal M.

I use this every time I need a touch up. I recommend it to anyone who wants to use a non harsh hair color. It doesn't lift your hair color so it works best on light or bleached hair. Every time I use this it leaves my hair vibrant and soft.

Kelsey S.
My go-to dye
Photo of product included with review by Kelsey S.

I hear a lot of bad things about this product, but honestly I stopped using anything else when I found this product! Stays in my hair wonderfully and the color lasts for me a lot longer than other dyes. it is rather messy, but so worth it.

Danniela D.

I absolutely loved it. It smells great, the color is really vibrant and it hydratates your hair! I've only tried this Rock n Roll Red color but I'm trying other shades for sure.

Victoria V.

Absolutely love this stuff! I swear by this hair color and I've tried almost everything else for bright colors and this works the best, I've been using it non stop for 4 years now!

Alley S.
My All Time Favorite Is this brand here :)

I have been dying my hair colors for 9 years now? I wouldn't recommend any other brand or talk about any other brand. These girls are the inventors of awesome hair colors and always will be <3 Forever brand loyal customer