Manic Panic

Classic Cream Formula

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Jen P.

Love it! This color lasted a long time on me to the point where it needed to be bleached out. I barely had to touch up with it. It's also really easy to apply and feels like it's actually conditioning my hair when I apply it!

Sandra V.
Great Color, Fades Fast!

I loved the color! It was vibrant and beautiful! One of my favorite shades of purple. It is like the swatch. Like a purple iPod? However, it faded extremely fast. Within' two washes hair was dusty purple pink. I have used other semi permanent colors from different brands, and they have held up more.

Katie M.
Washes out fast!

I LOVED how bright this purple is supposed to be but it washes out of my hair so quickly--and I only wash my hair once a week! When I dye my hair, I leave it in for at least 3 hours and apply a color sealer to try to lock in as much as I can. Overall I will never be buying Manic Panic again because its just too much upkeep for a color that will only last me 2 weeks.