Benefit Cosmetics

Dandelion Baby-Pink Blush


Crystal C.

The color is a perfectly light pink, the scent is even better! Will purchase again for sure. ♡♡♡.

Shari G.
Subtle Flush

I have very fair skin and many blushes are too dark or turn orange on me. This is a gentle flush of pink that gives a healthy glow. Really like it!

Anna X.

I love this it’s the most natural flush of color ever. Love it have the little one and hit pan. Will be going got the full size sooon. Brush is worthless. But with a fluffy brush it awakens ur face “naturally “

Jordyn D.
Okay Product

I received this product in the Do The Bright Thing set from Benefit. This isn't very pigmented and doesn't show up well on my skin (my skin tone is fair). Not very impressed Benefit

Alexandra M.
One of my all time favorites

I know that Dandelion is a highlighter/finishing powder, but I am very pale and so I will often use it as regular blush. I'm a huge fan of the color, it looks like "natural glow" on me. It smells great, too. After applying liberally to the apples of my cheeks, I brush a bit on my nose, forehead, and chin as intended. Very glowy.

Hannah L.

I bought it because I'm very attracted to makeup products that are light pink! It's a beautiful color, but probably more suited towards very fair skinned people who want just the slightest bit of pink on their cheeks, and I mean slight. The only strange thing about it is that it has a VERY strong fragrance. Maybe that's just mine but sometimes it's a bit much!

Hayley Louise S.
Perfect soft pink glow.

This blusher is perfect if you need a slight baby pink glow. Can also use over collar bones for that subtle high light effect.

Lasted ages and has a lovely smell.

I wouldn't buy this again as I do like my blush to be darker.

Also the brush - amazing. I still use the brush for my other blushers.

a sheer pink highlighter for a warm, shimmery glow! very subtle, lovely and actually pretty versatile, I use it sometimes for a nice glow on the collarbones or shoulders, etc. the scent is nice, not distracting and doesn't last too long.

Halle C.
Perfect blush

I wear this blush everyday (when I wear makeup) it's absolutely perfect! I love simple blush! This was is that but gives me a beautiful radiant look on my cheeks. I've had this since Christmas 2012 and barely made a dent in it it's gonna last forever! It's real worth the money. Love it!

Mary S.

Benefit's Dandelion Box-o-Powder is a "sheer ballerina pink face powder to take your complexion from dull to radiant with buildable color and just a hint of shimmer. Sweep it on the cheeks as a soft blush or dust it all over face as brightening finishing powder." I love Benefit's Box-o-Powders, I think most bloggers and beauty lovers do. I received a 3 g (.1 oz) sample of the Dandelion Box-o-Powder in Benefit's Dandelion Wishes set, which I received as a free gift from Ulta. The full size of this Box-o-Powder contains 7g (.28 oz) and retails for $28. Benefit offers a selection of 9 Box-o-Powders. Benefit does not test on animals. This blusher was made in America. Benefit products can be purchased through the brand's website, Benefit counters and boutiques, Sephora, and Ulta. Benefit's Dandelion Box-o-Powder comes in a green cardboard box with a flip top lid. The Benefit logo, product name, and a pinky, puffy dandelion. A natural hair bruh is included with each Box-o-Powder. My little sample comes in a small plastic clamshell container with the same general design on the front. A short description and full ingredient list can be found on the back. Benefit's Box-o-Powders are known for their excellent textures. My past experience with these blushes lead me to believe that the texture is highly variable. The Dandelion Box-o-Powder is a very soft, silky powdery that's solidly pressed and kicks up very little residual powder. It's very easy to pick Dandelion up on a brush. This powder blush applies with ease and is very to blend. Honestly, I have a very hard time figuring out how to use Benefit's Dandelion. Is it a blush? Is it a powder? Is it a highlighter? All of the above? I don't really understand the concept of this powder, I guess it's up to the user and their skin tone. For review purposes, I chose to use Dandelion as a blush and a highlighter. Really, I don't like it as either. This powder is too subtle to be used as a blush, yet too pink toned to be a highlighter. On my very fair skin, Dandelion provides very little color but a subtle sheen. The subtly of this product makes it very difficult for me to judge it's longevity. Benefit's Dandelion is very pretty in the pan, it's a very light pink with subtle gold microshimmer. Don't be too concerned about the shimmer, it shows up on the skin as a sheen, not as a glittery finish. In a heavy swatch, Dandelion shows up as a light peachy pink, a very pretty color that would appear as a soft, natural flush on fair skins. However, once Dandelion is blended out, the pink hue is barely visible. I don't know who Dandelion would would show up on. I'm very hair and like many pale people, I have rosy cheeks, and their natural pinkness trumps any color Dandelion deposits. Skin tones more than a few shades darker than mine likely won't be suited by such a light sheer powder. For me, Benefit's Dandelion isn't a blush, face powder, or a highlighter. The shade just doesn't suit any of those purposes. I do, however, like to use Dandelion on the eyes, its great for blending I'm still so mixed up about Benefit's Dandelion powder. The packaging is precious and in the pan it looks promising. The texture of this powder is lovely and very high quality. Pigmentation is light, but I'm pretty sure that's intentional. The lgiht pink shade doesn't suit my skin as a blush or highlighter and I really can't imagine using it as an all over face powder. I do like it on the eyes though. I'll continue to use and and experiment with Benefit's Dandelion Box-o-Powder, but I don't recommend this puzzling product.

Pro Tip: A similar but more potent color can be created by mixing the Bella Bamba and Sugarbomb Box-o-Powders.