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the perfect foundation for me

This is the perfect foundation for me! Having acne prone combination skin with a really oily forehead and dry flaky cheeks it's hard to find a foundation that works for me. This foundation doesn't emphasize any dry patches and it also doesn't make my skin oily or break me out so I really love it. Ivoire 2 (C) is the PERFECT colour for me but this foundation doesn't have a large shade range especially for darker skin. It's oil free, fragrance free and has SPF 15. It has sheer to moderate coverage that gives a natural finish without a cakey effect. The finish really does make your skin look "lit from within" like it claims! The wear on this one isn't excellent and is far from the 18 hours it claims and I would not suggest wearing this without a setting powder or spray. This foundation feels light and silky on the skin and doesn't feel too heavy for everyday wear. The packaging is attractive, the pump is effective and distributes the perfect amount of product. The price is pretty high at 39$ for 30 mL but I think it's well worth it and the best foundation I've tried.

I love these nail polishes! I bought a set of three that included Biscotto Beige, Paradisco Pink and Tangelo Sherbert. Tangelo Sherbert is pretty thin formula wise but I has a really pretty shimmer and looks great layered. Paradisco Pink is a basic hot pink with a perfect formula. It's opaque enough that it's almost a one coater! My favourite of the bunch is Biscotto Beige which is a perfect nude. It only needs two coats and also has a perfect formula. These are definitely among my most used nail polishes. The brush on these is my favourite brush out of all other brushes I've tried! It's a perfect medium-thick density with curved corners that make getting close to the cuticle so much easier. The bristles a very soft and distribute the polish evenly. The coolest thing about the brush is that if you wipe all the nail polish off it, you can see that it's actually two small brushes joined together! I absolutely love these nail polishes and I can't wait to try some more colours!

These aren't the best nail stripers I've used but they're pretty good. The smell of these is a lot stronger than regular nail polish so if you're sensitive to smells I wouldn't recommend these. The brush on these is pretty long and I like a shorter brush for more control so that's a downside for me. The formula varies a lot between colours on these and some a too thick while others a too thin and some are perfect. Also the pigmentation on some shades could be better.

Really durable

There isn't much to say about this besides the fact that it's great! I haven't had any trouble with my konad stamper and scraper. I've had mine about four years and I use it constantly and it's still in great shape. It's easy to use and I like that you can remove the rubber part of the stamp for cleaning.

nice variety of colours

The colours in this set are beautiful and there is a nice variety of colours as well. So far I have only used a few of these polishes but the formulas on the ones I have tried are great, not too thin and not too thick. The pigmentation is pretty good and I only needed two coats for most of the polishes. The nail polishes are small but the brush doesn't feel like a the brush from a mini nail polish. The packaging on this set is really nice too! I think this would make a great gift!

My favourite gloss!

I absolutely love these glosses! I every time I finish one I immediately go out and purchase another one! I'm on my fourth tube and I have no complaints about them! The packaging is adorable, great pigmentation, a nice smell, not sticky and they give your lips a nice tingly feeling! I've had the colours Destiny, Amber, Sandy and I'm currently using Bunny. I don't find these glosses particularly plumping but thats not what I'm looking for in a gloss anyway. They have a large shade range and they're great lip glosses.

Long wearing And creasless!

I love these cream eye shadows! I have Brithday suit and RSVP and I wear them almost every single day. They really are a two in one product because they look great on their own and they are a great primer. I've never had any problems with them creasing and they are pretty long wearing. I have yet to find a flaw with these and I am looking forward to trying some more colors!

Great cleanser!

I cleanse with an acne cleanser one day then cleanse with this the next. I have really oily skin (especially on my forehead) but I find my acne cleanser tends to dry out my cheeks and nose. I feel like this cleanser really cleans my skin and makes it feel fresh without drying it out. It's really gentle and I think it would work great for sensitive skin too! I really love this cleanser though I can't get it to foam very much and it pretty much stays a cream when I use it. I also love the smell but some people might find it a little strange. For me I think the reason I like the smell is that I like the product and it makes my skin feel great so I associate the smell with feeling good. This product also lasts a long time! I have been using mine for a few months and it still feels completely full! This cleanser has made such a difference in my skin and I really recommend it!

A must have!

This is definitely worth the price and is a great purchase if you're looking for a new eye makeup remover. The formula is really gentle and dissolves even waterproof makeup in a single swipe. It's the only eye makeup remover I ever use and I've repurchased this four times over the past few years. The only down side to this product is that it can leave an oily residue around your eyes that needs to be rinsed away and I sometimes find that I don't quite get all the leftover oil off. Overall this is fabulous and well worth the money!

Worth it!

These nail polish are pricy but I think they're worth it! The colours I have all have impeccable formula, no brush or bottle defects and look great! The colours I have are Wallis, Toff, Rosie Lee and Bluey. You can sometimes get these on sale at ultra for buy 1 get one free so you're getting them for 7 dollars each!

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