Big & Healthy Lip Polish


Victoria R.
My favourite gloss!

I absolutely love these glosses! I every time I finish one I immediately go out and purchase another one! I'm on my fourth tube and I have no complaints about them! The packaging is adorable, great pigmentation, a nice smell, not sticky and they give your lips a nice tingly feeling! I've had the colours Destiny, Amber, Sandy and I'm currently using Bunny. I don't find these glosses particularly plumping but thats not what I'm looking for in a gloss anyway. They have a large shade range and they're great lip glosses.

Sarah C.
In my purse 24/7

I have a few mini sizes of these lip glosses and I really love them. For the colors, the texture, taste, smell etc. I noticed a difference after applying the gloss over my lip balm and I find that it lasts longer and isn't as sticky. I have Sandy, Katie and Xena. Xena is supposed to come out next spring I think...and it's an awesome pink shade!