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1st BB Cream

I've heard alot about BB creams lately so I wanted to give one a try because if I can cut a step out of my makeup routine I'm all for it. Now I've only been using this product a week but I'm totally hooked. I've cut out my moisturizing steps completely and have just been using my BB cream as my moisturizer and foundation. And amazingly it keeps my skin just as moisturized if not more then my moisturizer. On the foundation side it gives me the amount of coverage I need, but I dont have problem skin so I don't need full coverage. Since using this product I have noticed that my skin looks better then before I used it. It's deffinatly evened out my skin tone. I also like the consistance of this cream because its more thick. The price is also good for only $11-12. The only downfall is that it only comes in 2 shades. But I def recommend this BB cream, and I know it's my new fav foundation for Spring/Summer.


I'm in love with this liner, I have it in 3 colors. These liners are very pigmented and go on very nice. This is the first crayon liner I've found that doesn't smudge/run through the day, and stays on the water line for more then 6hrs, AMAZING. So if I put it on at 9am it will look the same way by 5pm it's great. Yes it is $20 but its well worth it, and no matter what anyone says I haven't found any drugstore crayon liner thats comparable to this one that has its staying power. Def a solid 5 star product that I recommend.

I've tried the orange one and the blue/white one. The orange one smells amazing and is more of a gel base with the exfoliating beads. The blue/white one is a cream based one for sensitive skin. Now I dont have sensitive skin, I combo/normal skin but it gets dryer in the winter reason to why I got this one. In the spring/summer I can get away with using the exfoliating pad daily, but in the fall/winter I only use it about 2-3 times a week so I dont over exfoliate and cause my skin to get even dryer. But over all I really like this product its cheap, works, and smells good.

Swear by it

I love this product. Now I don't have acne prone skin so I only get the occasional breakout. If I feel a breakout coming on or already have one I just apply a little bit on it and by the end of the day the size has reduced. Then I apply it one more time before I got to bed and the next morning its gone. I can't say how much I love this product. The cost is good and a little goes a long way. I highly recommend this product.

I really like using cream shadows. I think the neutral palette they offer is the first cream palette I ever got when I was in high school. They are very creamy and apply nicely. I do wish they were a little more pigmented to. Now I'm not sure if they crease without the use of primer because I always use primer, but they don't if you use primer. So overall they're not the best cream shadows I've used and they're not the worst they're middle of the road so to speak.

I have Papya in this gloss. It's very creamy and pigmented. It's not sticky which is a plus. And the color lasts a pretty long time, but the glossyness fades quicker. And it's a drugstore product so very affordable. The smell is ok it kinda does smell like cake batter, but a funky cake batter lol. Overall though I'd recommend this product.

I bought two of these in Celestial Silver and Neptune Star. I had to get these because they looked so pretty. Now I do like these shadows, but I was a little disapointed with the pigmentation. The blue applies about a shade lighter and you have to build it to get the desired color. With the silver one I was hoping for a matte silver with silver glitter, but it goes on as more of a silver/white glitter then anything. So I do like these and dont regret buying them because they are very pretty, but at the same time they're not what I expected.

Now I go get my finger nails done, but I do my own toe nails. This is the top coat I use on my toes and I love it. I can go up to 2 weeks without my polish chipping. No matter the season wiether its fall/winter and my toes are covered, or in the spring/summer when they're exposed. Over all it's cheap and works.

Not their best lip product

Now I love Revlons lip products. I feel like they have one of the best drugstore lip product selections thats a good quality. These mineral ones are the only miss in their lip product line. I do like the color pay off of these glosses, but for me they are a little too sticky and dont last too long. They do have a orange creamsicle scent to them though. But over all I'd recommend all their other lip products over this one.

I have three of the matte ones in Vintage Lace, Peach Sorbet, and Venetian Blue. I love these shadows they are very silky, and easy to apply and blend. They are also very pigmented which I love. Plus I like the sleek black packaging as well. The only bad thing is I wish they had a better color selection with more colors.

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