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Best Gel Liner I've Used

This stuff is truly amazing, and for only $14 for a giant pot it's a great deal too. It's the blackest matte black I've used and the formula is so smooth that you don't have to worry about weird squiggly edges. It doesn't crease or crumble on hooded eyes, and is basically magic.

Cute, but doesn't live up to the claim

I first purchased Strawberry Shortcake around the holiday season. My initial reaction to the application is that it was pretty smooth, the color was a bit sheer but pretty, and it felt a little hydrating, but after about 30 minutes I noticed that the hydrating feeling had gone, there was a gritty texture, most of the product had worn off, and what color was left had settled into the lines in my lips. I wasn't impressed. I later bought Tutti Fruitti in hopes that a different shade would offer different results and it did... but not in a positive way. Tutti Fruitti had more of a tug to it during application and I didn't notice a hydrating feeling at any point of wear with this (if anything it was pretty waxy). Fortunately the color didn't settle into lines, this shade wore longer, and it didn't have the gritty feeling like Strawberry Shortcake did. Although this one had a few more pros, I still didn't like it that much because of the somewhat drying formula (which is the exact opposite of what it is supposed to do). These aren't horrible products, but they have a lot of room for improvement and there are better (and cheaper) moisturizing lip products out there.

Fun to play with, pain to work with.

I picked up Rose Petal when these just came out so I didn't have the luxury of reading reviews or watching demos of this product and I honestly wish that I had held off until then. Due to the odd texture of this product it was very hard for me to find a way of applying this because I could not for the life of me get any color to show up. I tried a blush brush, a stippling brush, and my fingers ended up being the best tool for it... but even after I found the best method of application, this still gave me issues in the pigmentation department. No matter how much I applied or how much color I tried to build, I couldn't get this shade to show up any farther than the very faintest hint of a color. The new bizarre formula is really cool to poke and prod (it reminds me of foam clay)... but as far as a blush goes I am WAY better off elsewhere. In short: This product is a huge gimmick.

These blew me out of the water!

I honestly don't think that you can get a better blush than this for $4 (I'll even go out on a limb and say that these are the best blushes on a drugstore level). They're supremely pigmented, they blend like a dream, they're super silky, there isn't an unnatural or powdery appearance, and they last a pretty decent amount of time. Since these have such crazy pigmentation, application has to be light... one or two taps with a brush will do. The fact that you need so little means that a pan will last you for quite a long time.

Too much hype. :(

As far as lip balms go: I've had better. The adorable packaging and the scent are mainly what attracted me to these in the first place, but my love for this product promptly ended there. Although the packaging is cute, the rubberized exterior gets dirty rather quickly (especially if you're a "throw your lip balms in your purse" person) and I noticed that some of the product got in the threading and attracted all sorts of gunk. The balm itself is rather waxy which I find just sits on my lips opposed to moisturizing them. The texture is also not very pleasant and since it is so waxy it doesn't glide on and instead takes a little work to get adequate coverage. In a nut shell, this product did nothing for my lips and it's more of a cute bauble than a useful item.