Beauty Product Reviews

love. (:

My face is naturally really red. And in the summer I get freckles. If I dyed my hair red, it'd look natural. I /hate/ it. I love this stuff. I use it every day. It gets rid of my nasty red cheeks and helps hide my freckles in the summer.

Use it every day!

I bought it for a dollar, awesome, and I use it every day. I curl my eyelashes with it, put on 2 layers of mascara, curl again, and then put on another layer. It helps give them volume, curl, and length. I've had soo many people ask me if i'm wearing fake eyelashes with the help of this little 1$ curler.

My go-to nail polish!

I have it in blue, yellow, purple, and I used to have it in green but I ran out. Good stuff. You won't need a double coat. Once, the blue dried out, but I mixed it with nail polish remover, and its back to normal.


This is the mascara I use when I run out of mascara at the last minite. The only thing it does for my lashes is makes them darker. Thats it. I got it as a gift, and I dont like to waste mascara, so I haven't thrown it out. I dont recommend. I wont be buying again.

You can use this stuff on anything! I mostly use it for chapped lips, though. Also, my cat is allergic to fleas, so in the summer when fleas are bad he'll get little scabs all over. I put vaseline on them, and it helps them go away. And unlike most stuff that heals cuts, he doesn't try to eat it.


I love how small the brush is, so you can paint little designs on your nails! They have great pigments, so you don't have to do two layers or anything. I have all the colors, I think. I use them regularly, too.

My new favorite!

I absolutely love this mascara! I have naturally long eyelashes, and this mascara makes them a lot longer, thicker, and have lots of volume; the perfect trio. It does clump a little, but it's no big deal because all you have to do is get your finger wet and smooth out the clump. You do not have to wash this product off before you get in the shower. Unlike most mascaras, this one doesn't leave those huge circles under your eyes. I wore it to school today; three people commented on my eyelashes and asked me if I was wearing fakes. I wore it for 2 days straight, and it didn't flake or loose volume. I will be re-buying this product when I run out, defiantly! I highly recommend this. The first picture is my eyelashes normally, without any product. The second one is one layer of mascara. The third is two layers of mascara.


I thought I'd try it because I found a coupon online for it, and I got it for about 3$. I have naturally long, full eyelashes.. Its okay, but other mascaras have done better. I think I'll buy it again, because it's not runny or clumpy, and it's good for when I'm not trying to make my eyelashes look really long, fuller, and fake.

In lovee(:

I ran out a while ago, and I miss it soo much. I have naturally long eyelashes, so it actually did make them look fake. Like, daily I would get comments on my eyelashes. I've tried alot of mascaras, and I haven't found anything I like as much as it.