Physicians Formula

Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Correcting Concealer Trio


Rachel H.
Love it!

I use Physicians formula every day! I bought two kits that have these and the color correcting powder in it and it works wonderfully! I hide the broken capillaries on my nose with the green and the highlighter/concealer gets rid of my dark circles like a dream.

Tabitha R.
love. (:

My face is naturally really red. And in the summer I get freckles. If I dyed my hair red, it'd look natural. I /hate/ it. I love this stuff. I use it every day. It gets rid of my nasty red cheeks and helps hide my freckles in the summer.

Tessa B.
Not what I was expecting.

The product felt sort of chalky and I felt like I had to slather on tons of moisturizer just to get this stuff to blend. The only one out of the pack that I use is the cover. I gave the rest away.

Nicole D.
not enough coverage

I purchased this product not too long ago. I was disappointed in the coverage it gave me. On days that I am really tired, and really need the concealer, it doesn't give me enough coverage. I stopped using the concealer practically almost as soon as i got it. And the highlight, I used until I found Benefit's High Beam. My favorite by far was the corrector, but as I have previously stated it did not give me the coverage I wanted. It also looks really chalky, and if your skin is a bit on the dry side...forget about it.

Justyne L.
very nice!

I used this everyday but now its getting low so I'm using it on "special occasions" I love the steps for it so you get more coverage and more of a flawless look! I use the correct one first under my eyes then the cover under my eyes and then i take the highlight and put it under my eyebrows, the highlight is the cutest pink color! Its a must have!

Kaysi W.

I seriously wish they just sold the yellow corrector separately because although the concealor is good, it's not my favorite. The pink highlight is gorgeous, but it only takes one dot on each cheekbone and that's PLENTY...My problem was that I loved the heck out of the yellow and used it really fast, and I don't want to buy a new kit just for one color. Overall, an awesome set! Especially for the low price!

Kikikulala L.

I like these, they are mineral and talc free. It really does their jobs as Correct my dark circle, cover my imperfections and highlight my face