Beauty Product Reviews

Great for travel, not for glitter

Have no fear of leakage; throw this tiny package in your travel bag and off you go! Beauty on the go is hard, but with these little pads you can get rid of your chipped polish in a crowd without the dirty looks. If you are wearing a glitter polish these just don't get the job done.

travels well, covers well

I do love the coordinating colors in these quads. I have small makeup products together for an emergency travel kit; a quad is always in my kit. The colors vary in quality an opacity. All in all a good product.

"Stardust" is light and sparkling

There is no color to this liner. There are lots of little flecks of iridescent shimmery sparkels. I do like the look of this over another liner for added drama.

very thick, very pigmented

I am extremely pale and the color of this stick was just bad for me. I do love the fresh smell of the stick, it isn't cloying and has a light airy citrus scent. It has a very thick creamy texture, which does give lots of coverage. For a person with a "darker than me"complexion this would work better.

good applicator for gel liners

I use this "brush" not as a smudger but as an applicator for my gel liner. With a good gel liner and shadow it creates a smokey eye fairly easily. The tip isn't a foam sponge but rather more a foam rubber. I don't like it for use with powder shadows. It works best with creams

Silky, creamy, and luxurious for a stain

The consistency and feel of this lip stain is completely unique. IN A GOOD WAY! I have loved the staying power of a stain, yet I have not liked the feel of them on my lips. If it is sticky I do not use it. If you like the stickiness of some stains (Max Factor), this is not the stain for you. I prefer the silkiness of ELF, and love the option to wear my stains alone with out a top coat.

Perfect primping, phenomenal price

Unruly brows are tamed instantly, while lashes are glossed and perfected with an easy twist of your wrist. The eyebrow gel sets quickly. It is a great product to finish your eyebrow powder and pencil routine with. I have never found my brows cemented into place, yet have had this product last all day. As far as lashes go,I am in love. For understated perfection this lash gel is perfect for "no make-up" situations. If it is added over mascara, it magnifies thickens and lengthens your lashes. For a person who prefers a subtle brow and makeup look this is the holy grail even compared to "higher end" product lines; elf holds up to and surpasses competition!

Healthier, shinier and more gorgeous hair over night!

I am a devout user of this product. Because my hair is baby fine, heavy moisturizers weigh my thin locks down, and make them look greasy and unwashed. this product isn't just great for an overnight fix; in the winner time when hair needs more moisture, use this as a leave in conditioner for the daytime! you will have sumptuous, tangle-free hair instantly.