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Nail Polish Remover Pads


Sara N.
Great for travel, not for glitter

Have no fear of leakage; throw this tiny package in your travel bag and off you go! Beauty on the go is hard, but with these little pads you can get rid of your chipped polish in a crowd without the dirty looks. If you are wearing a glitter polish these just don't get the job done.

Cassidy L.
Smells great- but leaves skin oily.

That pretty much sums it up. The smell is awesome, and I LOVE that they don't stink up the entire room like regular polish remover. However, it leaves skin and nails SO oily! Even after washing hands. Used all of them, but I don't know that I would buy again.

Dallas Lynne S.

I love how these do not smell like your regular run of the mill nail polish remover. Not only that but this nail polish remover doesn't leave your nails and cuticles dry, but there is a advantage and disadvantage to that depending on the person. This is my favorite nail polish remover I have come across and it's so convenient too!

Caitlin C.

What I like: They smell good, and I keep them in my purse (package doesn't leak) and its great for when you are out somewhere and have a massive chip catastrophe and need to remove it all.. or any reason you feel the need to remove polish when you are out and about. What I don't like: They leave your nails and skin around them feeling oily and depending on the polish I need to use quite a few of the little pads.

Emily G.

I actually really like these pads. They remove my nail polish without too much of a problem. The smells are pretty true to the scent in my opinion. The things I dislike are the oily feeling it leaves behind and when cleaning your nails, the old polish on the pad goes on the other finger.

Ish K.

I love the smell of it, and the idea of cleaning my nails wherever I may be. But it's disgusting the oily feel left in my fingers, and also with dark colors or glittler it's just messy.

Chyna W.

I was given these remover pads as a gift....

While they smell GREAT, I found that I used so many of the small pads to get off coats of crackle or glitter style nail polish. Also when using them, once the polish is on the pad, it basically transfers to the next nail as you are trying to remove that polish. Eh...I just don't like them. If they sell just the liquid form of this product....I don't think I would mind so much...The small thin pads are a killer for me. I will stick to pure acetone and cotton balls lol.

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