Beauty Product Reviews

A No-Go for Darker Skin tones

I just didn't get what I needed from this product. They only come in 4 colors & none of which are dark enough for my complexion. So it was definitely a miss for me :-(

Pleasant Surprise

I recently tried out this product in 'Plum'. I'm not really used to a brush applicator but I was surprised at how well the liner went on with it. the color is very pigmented & shows up well on my skin which I find can be kind of difficult to get liners to show on. My new fave!

Try It!

This is my absolute favorite conditioner. I agree, it leaves your hair remarkably soft, silky and smelling like I just stepped out of a garden. Their other products are also very good too. Especially wrapping mousse. I like to use it when I'm setting my hair (great results!). I recommend this for anyone who, like myself, can be a little absent minded when it comes to moisturizing their hair. Or just anyone in general, because you'll love it!

No Ash, Low Cash

I had been looking for a tinted moisturizer that gave me what I needed, moisture and proper coloration. Its so hard to find a lower end brand that will carry tinted moisturizer in darker tones. Believe me, I've tried! I came across this and I love it! It didn't appear to make my skin ashy as most did and moisturized without making me look greasy. I would say that this is good for the summer months when foundation can be a bit much and the weather just won't agree with it. Its just a downright good product that far exceeds its cost. 10 thumbs up from me!

Squeaky Clean

I use this every night before I go to bed. Great for removing the days makeup and sweat. Especially for the summer months when it seems like during the day everything in the air happens to stick to your face! I use multiple moisturizers after I cleanse with this but it gets all the nasties off of my skin so I can cover it with all the good stuff.

Face Lift in a Jar

OMG!!! I just tried Glamglow mud and this stuff is simply astonishing. Instant smoothness, pores are smaller, skin just looks amazing instantly. Its a face lift in a jar.The tingling is surprising at first, but it feels wonderful when it dries. I wouldn't suggest using it if you have sensitive skin, the gritty texture and intensive nature of the treatment (fast exfoliation) might be a little too much for faces that tend to react. I'm not speaking from experience because I obviously don't have sensitive skin but I would do a patch test if I did. This mud mask is my new BFF


Who knew that so little could do so much? I got carried away the first couple of times when using the lip tar and boy did I regret it! I am definitely a lip tar addict and now that I've gotten past my OD on OCC I can use them responsibly and reap the true rewards. These concentrated lip colours are to die for! I found that when using this product in the color 'Trick' it was probably the prettiest pink I've seen and I need only use a drop of it. But when I used the color 'Vintage', it seemed more like a stain than anything. I love the color but I would rather it not stain my lips so much. In all, I'm still addicted to them


Doesn't it seem like there is so much you need to touch,clean, & pick up right after you paint your nails? LOL, I am the absolute most impatient when it comes to my nails. Like, "UGGHH why aren't they dry yet! x__X " So I decided to try the Insta-Dry polish. And Eureka it has solved all of my nail polish woes. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this polish. They don't have a swatch of the first one I tried but by now I pretty much have all the colors because it is just that good. The polish is very pigmented so you won't need a million coats and it lasts a really long time. I've had the Lightening polish on my toenails for about 3 wks and I haven't spotted a chip yet! Every one in the WORLD should have at least one of these polishes! Well maybe not in the world but you get what I mean :-)

Night Out Perfect

Maybe its just me but it is so hard to find a foundation to match my complexion without making me look washed out. I love this foundation though. I mix it with my NARS Illuminator to give a bit of a glow and its perfect! I wear something a little more sheer and buildable on a regular basis for work but when I'm going out I found that this one is the perfect. Just enough to last through a night out and photographs really well.

Perfect for Fall

I wore this scent all Fall/Winter and it fit right in. It has a very 'woodsey' feel. Very sophisticated & smooth, also puts me in mind of the Burberry perfume. I stan for Bey and this scent. Three thumbs up!!

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