Beyonce Heat


Emine M.

This fragrance is very spicy with a hint of sugar and vanilla. It is sensual fruity and sexy. I would prefer to wear this for a night out and I'd say that Heat is a woman perfume. It is worth the price and I recommend it. The bottle is adorable and unique!

Rebecca C.

Got a sample of this in my near by beauty store and days later I went back and bought it, ran out of it and got a present of another bottle today! Only problem is that it goes way to fast!

Glitterface x.
Currently wearing everyday!

I have always thought celebrity perfumes were a bit dodgy, and although I LOVE Beyonce, I would never have bought this perfume for myself. My fiance brought it back as a gift from an American tour he was on as it was not yet available in Ireland and he knew how much I loved Beyonce :D Although apprehensive at first, I have to say, I love it! Right now I am actually wearing it every day, no exaggeration. I have never bought the same perfume twice, but with this one, I think I might have to! I have also tried the more recent fragrance 'Pulse' and it really didn't do it for me, it was far too sweet and the kind of perfume that would give you a headache after a while. But Heat has just the right amount of sweetness and lasts a good long time before fading. The one criticism I would have is although the bottle is very beautiful, it's slightly awkward to spray and also awkward to fit into your wash bag if you are going traveling but they are minor issues, I would give this perfume 4 stars all in all :)

Bekah D.

I love the scent of this, however when it first came out it was $60 just for the bottle alone! the top part goes so fast, and I noticed that it didnt last on me the way Ed Hardy does (which is what i think it smells exactly like). The bottle is cute but I wouldnt buy this again unless it was much cheaper.

Heidi R.

I don't actually own this but trust me I want to! I got to sample this at the store and thought it smelled amazing! I plan to get this in the near future!

TheBluSuga R.

Normally I do not like celebrity scents. Just a thing. I found Heat at Target on clearance for $9.98 STEAL. I love this scent. It is does not smell fruity or bubblegum-ish as I expected. It is more of a grown woman's scent. Oriental, musky, kind of a smell. This is ranked #2 as my get the sexy on fragrance. No one can top Marc Jacobs Lola right now.

Bethany W.
Nervous at first

I was little apprehensive trying this scent out at first. I tend to stay away from music artists and celebrities that dabble in perfume because that isn't their forte. But I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I was given this as a gift for Christmas and really enjoy it. The smell lasts for about 5 hours-ish before fading.

Myrna P.

My daughter received this for Xmas from my mother and I think it was a pretty good choice. It smells sensual and actually reminds me of amber _____ (cannot remember the other part of the name; might be sensual amber) from Victoria Secrets.

Sarah M.
Long lasting, spicy yet sweet

I just love this, the complaints that it is not long lasting, I think might be inaccurate because after a while we stop smelling the fragrance, but that does not mean it has left. I put some on at five in the morning, just a little on my wrists and neck and 12 hours later, I started my shift at work and my manager complimented me on it.

Amber R.
Christmas Gift!

Got this perfume for a Christmas gift! Very sexy scent. Not what I was expecting but I was very pleased. Can't say it's a fav but I like it. Not an everyday fragrance though.