Beyonce Heat


Rebecca C.

Got a sample of this in my near by beauty store and days later I went back and bought it, ran out of it and got a present of another bottle today! Only problem is that it goes way to fast!

Heidi R.

I don't actually own this but trust me I want to! I got to sample this at the store and thought it smelled amazing! I plan to get this in the near future!

Sarah M.
Long lasting, spicy yet sweet

I just love this, the complaints that it is not long lasting, I think might be inaccurate because after a while we stop smelling the fragrance, but that does not mean it has left. I put some on at five in the morning, just a little on my wrists and neck and 12 hours later, I started my shift at work and my manager complimented me on it.

Hannah M.

(I'm pretty sure this is the one I smelled at If this is the right stuff it smells amazing! It's sexy, smooth, yummy, and bold all at once, but not over powering. The only downfall is at Target, it's fifteen dollars just for the little version. Other than that I WILL buy this! :D

Carina C.

I got this for Christmas last year & I love it. It's great for fall/winter, It last all day. I can't wait to get Heat Rush & Pulse. I still have some left for this fall/winter.

Shavon A.
Perfect for Fall

I wore this scent all Fall/Winter and it fit right in. It has a very 'woodsey' feel. Very sophisticated & smooth, also puts me in mind of the Burberry perfume. I stan for Bey and this scent. Three thumbs up!!

TheBluSuga R.

Normally I do not like celebrity scents. Just a thing. I found Heat at Target on clearance for $9.98 STEAL. I love this scent. It is does not smell fruity or bubblegum-ish as I expected. It is more of a grown woman's scent. Oriental, musky, kind of a smell. This is ranked #2 as my get the sexy on fragrance. No one can top Marc Jacobs Lola right now.

Myrna P.

My daughter received this for Xmas from my mother and I think it was a pretty good choice. It smells sensual and actually reminds me of amber _____ (cannot remember the other part of the name; might be sensual amber) from Victoria Secrets.

Lena l.
Very sexy!!!

I got this last year for xmas and love it!!!! It smells very sexy!!! I don't wear it too much but I like to save it for special date nights with my boo, he likes it too :)

Emine M.

This fragrance is very spicy with a hint of sugar and vanilla. It is sensual fruity and sexy. I would prefer to wear this for a night out and I'd say that Heat is a woman perfume. It is worth the price and I recommend it. The bottle is adorable and unique!