Tingling & Exfoliating Mud Mask


Mandy F.
Not For All Skin Types

I don't have super sensitive skin, but after exfoliating and washing my face one night and putting this on one cheek I thought my face was going to burst into flames! I had to take it off right away so unfortunately I didn't get to see any results. I know it's supposed to tingle, but not burn. No damage, just uncomfortable.

Baraa E.

Best mask ever I have the clearing mask too and I can't live without them. This one helps my pores tighten up. From the first time I used it I saw changes in my skin. It felt so smooth and soft and looked gorgeous !! I love it

Missy J.
Love, love LOVE

You need this mask! I'm a HUGE fan of ANYTHING GLAMGLOW! I received a small sample in with my Sephora order, and after I tried it - I sat down and ordered it!! It only tingles for a minute to a minute & a half. Just make sure that when you rinse it off, you do so in circles, so that you get the exfoliating!

Kat T.
Crazy - Good!

This mask is amazing! It will soften, firm, smooth and clear up your skin FAST! It does a lot in a short period of time. I have sensitive skin and I find that if I do this mask more than once a week my skin will get a bit unbalanced. It is a very effective formula! Oilier skin can probably handle it more than once a week. Overall I was VERY impressed with the look and feel of my skin after using this mask and would recommend it to anyone with normal to oily skin! You're skin will thank you! You will feel like you're literally 'glowing'!

Shavon A.
Face Lift in a Jar

OMG!!! I just tried Glamglow mud and this stuff is simply astonishing. Instant smoothness, pores are smaller, skin just looks amazing instantly. Its a face lift in a jar.The tingling is surprising at first, but it feels wonderful when it dries. I wouldn't suggest using it if you have sensitive skin, the gritty texture and intensive nature of the treatment (fast exfoliation) might be a little too much for faces that tend to react. I'm not speaking from experience because I obviously don't have sensitive skin but I would do a patch test if I did. This mud mask is my new BFF

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