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I got my original stick of Sugar Fresh as a birthday gift from Sephora. I fell fast for it. I originally was buying Jack Black balm b/c all the beauty gurus were raving about it... but I am sorry, this is a million times better. It is smoothing on the lips, has an SPF 15, and works wonders on my crazy dry lips. I live in AZ and everything on my body is dry... except for my lips that is. haha. I would recommend this to EVERYONE. I already have EVERYONE (even the men in my life) hooked. It is so good would buy stock in it (lol, kidding). If you are considering this.... DO IT. You will not be let down.

Pretty Amazing

I moved to Arizona about 6 months ago. I moved from a state that had humidity to a DRY DRY state. My skin has been horrible. This is the best lotion that I have found yet, that is not crazy expensive. I dont know if it is firming, but it def is moisturizing.


I read the amazing reviews on here and I knew I had to try this product. I have been wanting to find an easy way to do a cat eye... and this product is it!!! The brush is pretty great as well. I use the brush daily do just apply my regular day to day eyeliner and it works perfectly. Now when I want to do the perfect cat eye I can use the brush that Maybelline has supplied, but I prefer to use other angled brushes that I have invested in, in the past. But the product itself is black and it stays put. I cant rave enough about this product. For someone who is not great at lining their eyes... they can use the brush that is supplied and they will be amazed at how easy it will be for them.

The Best I have tried yet

I bought this on a whim a few months back in the tropical scent. Personally the scent was way to strong for my taste, but the product is amazing. I use it every other day (so this way I wash my hair every other day) and it works wonders. It gives my hair volume and takes all the greasy feeling out. I lost it in my move a few weeks back and now I am lost without it. I am in search for it now locally so I dont have to pay for shipping. This time around I am going to buy it in a different scent.

Worst Ever

I normally have to either wash my hair every day or just wear my hair up in a pony tail every other day. I bought this dry shampoo after the reviews on here, and I must say it was the worst purchase I have ever made. I am glad it was only a few dollars. It actually made my hair more greasy. I feel like I need to wash my hair even more now. I will not be recommending this to any of my friends.

Pretty Good

I bought this because of all the rave reviews on here and from a few guru's. I dont know if it made my lashes look any longer then any other mascaras that I love (Tarte Lights Camera Lashes and Benefit They're Real) but it is cheaper then those brands. I was expecting my lashes to be long and luxurious... nothing like I had ever seen before. I am going to keep playing with the mascara and see if I can get the same outcome that some of the other people have got... but overall it is good. I will be purchasing again. I do not see a reason to buy the big expensive name brands again, when I can just go and buy a drugstore brand for 1/2 the price and get the same outcome.


I bought this because of all the great reviews on here. This is a huge miss in my eyes. When I went to apply this my upper eyelid, it applied way to easily and smudged just as easily. I am looking for a liner that compares to UD 24/7 but less expensive. This liner is way to soft of application. When I put it in my waterline, it ended up all over my face by mid-day. I do not understand how anyone can give this 5 stars. I normally smudge my liner (b/c that is the look I go for on my day to day basis), but this liner applies to soft. If you are looking for something comparable to UD then this is not it. I will be returning it.

Great for tightlining

I fell in love with this product after the 1st use. How I use it is, I dip any of my angled brushes (usually my MAC 266) into some water then into the caviar. I tight line the bottom waterline and then the top waterline. What is so amazing about the product is that it lasts forever on your waterline. On days that I want a "no makeup, makeup look", I will use this as a eyeliner on the top lid. It is very subtle, yet really makes a difference in my makeup look.This product was worth every penny.

So Great

I have been searching high and low for a highlighter that would compliment my skin tone with just enough sparkle. I saw this for the first time a while back but didnt want to spend $24.00. After searching for something similar, and coming up empty handed... I gave in and purchased it. I am so glad I did because it works wonderfully. It has a soft consistency, just enough shimmer (but not too much), and it lasts all day. I use this as a cheek highlight, brow bone highlight and inner corner highlight.

Light coverage with a hint of shimmer

I bought this when Stila was having their $5.00 sale. It really was a great buy. I use it daily on my cheek bones. It gives me the highlight without over doing it. I have also used it over my entire face and it gives me quite a glow. When I use this, I still use a light foundation on top. This will be a perfect product for the summer, when I do not use too much product on my skin. It is moisturizing as well.

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