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Beauty Product Reviews

Good eyeshadows

I love this makeup palette. It has 30 different eyeshadows, with great colors and I love it. I use my own brushes, not the little ones it comes with, and it applies perfectly and stays all day. It has blush, powder and bronzer as well and all of them look great. I love this and now have 2!

OPI is my favorite nail polish. It's a little pricey, but worth it. The color lasts long and looks amazing like you just got back from the nail salon. I LOVE dark colors on my nails (black, dark purple, dark red) and OPI has the perfect shades that I love.

This used to be my all time favorite!! Amazing scent, I would wear it all the time. I have switched to different ones now because I wore this years ago but for real it's a great scent and not too powerful.

I am obsessed with VS scents and this is by far my favorite! I actually get migraines if a scent I wear is too strong or overwhelming so I really have to choose carefully when it comes to body mist and perfumes, but this is awesome. Smells SO good, you won't be disappointed. Your man will like it too ;)


I bought it because I saw it was so cheap, so I had nothing to lose. I think it works great and keeps my eyeshadow in place all day long. It works just as good as Urban Decay's and I will definitely keep buying this.


I got these lancome brushes for Christmas and I am LOVING them. SO soft and apply your makeup perfectly. I would definitely recommend! The set comes with 5 brushes for eyes and face, and every brush so far has worked amazing.

So far so good

I went to Sephora last week and wanted to get some skincare products and found this as well as a Clinique exfoliating scrub (will review separately). I got this kit, it comes with 3 steps. It's been about a week and I use it twice a day, and so far it is amazing. I do not have acne, just random pimples here and there. It has not dried out my skin and makes me feel so clean after every use! Clinique products are great.


This lip balm left my lips so smooth and soft - I love it! I saw it randomly one day in Target and noticed it was only $2.99 so I grabbed one of the Peach Nude colors and fell in love! I may go back just to get one of every kind! Adds a little bit of a tint, but not a lot - just perfect.