Victoria's Secret

Hello Bombshell Makeup Kit


Stephanie T.
Has Everything You Need!

This has got to be by far one of my favorite kits. It has everything and everything applies on so easily. I'm so glad I bought this. What's best is I got it for only $15 at the Victoria Secret store. It's an amazing kit worth the Price.

Rachele S.

This is the best kit I own! You literally have everything you need to use just in this little box! From mascara up to blush, it's all in there. All the colors are so beautiful and fun. There are some casual then there are some gorgeous bright colors. This is by far my favorite makeup item.

Shena L.
Has almost everything!

This palette is lacking some matte shadows! Too much glitter in my opinion. Love the packaging though. My favorite would be the bronzer, and the blushes! This is super travel friendly (if you do decide to buy it, do NOT throw away the sheet of plastic that acts as a barrier between the eyeshadows and mirror. Recommended for girls who travel a lot :)

Rissa P.
Good eyeshadows

I love this makeup palette. It has 30 different eyeshadows, with great colors and I love it. I use my own brushes, not the little ones it comes with, and it applies perfectly and stays all day. It has blush, powder and bronzer as well and all of them look great. I love this and now have 2!