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Location: Pasadena, CA

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About Me

I'm a 21-year-old makeup-obsessed college student. I've been keeping up with Beautylish for over a year, and I absolutely love it!! But I (finally) just decided to take full advantage of the website, and make a profile. I'd like to start making my own tutorial and review videos soon. I'll keep you posted when I do.


Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Tan
Skin Type: Sensitive, Combination
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Texture: Dry, Normal
Birthday: May 09
Age: 30


Do you have a nickname?
-No, not really. My name isn't actually hard to say. It's just not a very common one.

What is your ethnicity?
-My parents come from a tiny Asian island called Sri Lanka. I, myself, am California grown.

How did you get those scars on your neck?
-I have a condition called vasovagal syncope.
"Vasovagal syncope occurs in response to a trigger, with a corresponding malfunction in the parts of the nervous system that regulate heart rate and blood pressure. When heart rate slows, blood pressure drops, and the resulting lack of blood to the brain causes fainting."
I fainted in the bathroom one day. I hit the sink on my way down, breaking large ceramic pieces, which I landed on. I woke up a few minutes later, and was rushed to the hospital. I received 21 stitches.
Not the coolest story, like a knife fight. But it's the truth.